Where To Edit Pictures For Free(Not Photoshop)

Here is the site again:- http://www.picnik.com/
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7 Responses to “Where To Edit Pictures For Free(Not Photoshop)”

  1. jaydeyjaydey1 says:

    yeah but you can use picmonkey lol

  2. chris bojo says:


  3. Joandra Santiago says:

    FotoFlixer is anther web

  4. supermuble says:

    @aaaflooddrying haha I agree, the video is way too fast. Thanks for the
    feedback. I will try to make a new video sometime that is more in depth!

  5. timearchitecture says:

    it pretty much goes with the tempo, very cool

  6. verygoodvibes says:

    i like it just the way it is, but being an advanced guitarist myself and a
    satriani fan i just wish it went to the end of the soooong!! (<: LOL.

  7. aaaflooddrying says:

    Cool video, sort of? It was very interesting but way too fast. Sooo many
    ideas. Head is spinning. Maybe you could break down ideas and do a little
    explanation of each. I am shure you would get a lot of views. You could do
    10-20 or more clips just explaining what you do know about each idea. Would
    be cool. Thank You Clay

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