“When Brave Bird Saved” A Short Film From Laura Marling

You Should Subscribe Here Now: http://bit.ly/VErZkw Laura Marling presents this beautiful short film inspired and soundtracked by the first 4 tracks from her…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to ““When Brave Bird Saved” A Short Film From Laura Marling”

  1. Anna Lisa says:

    in The Great Relay Race, Joni handed off the baton to Laura. Sometimes
    greatness skips a generation.?

  2. Jake Morley says:

    I’m so glad this video as entered my life. What a so beautifully memorable
    piece of work this little diamond is… Laura Marling will be and
    is legendary..!! ?

  3. TheRestfulwind says:

    I either watch or listen to this almost each day… preferably before sleep
    or during a restless one. It is soothing, sensual and so many other

    Love the live version too… it just play on my phone so this is perfect…
    so very perfect.?

  4. ausra olekauskaite says:

    ( *_* )?

  5. David Lee says:

    This needs MOAR views. ?

  6. Stephen Daniels says:

    fantastic tho.?

  7. Patrick Vail says:

    I get it…?

  8. Elizabeth Vaughan says:

    Wow. There are no words for how beautiful. I get it ..I so do. ?

  9. Vittoria Colonna says:

    who shot this??

  10. Stephen Daniels says:

    hadn’t seen this video until today but when listening to this album I
    pictured 4 different music videos flowing into each other for each track.
    was then going to do a version of it.. cause you know probs not been
    done…. ffs.?

  11. Irene Jorgensen says:

    Joni Mitchell?

  12. Pastel mixed media street art says:

    i think similar external resemblance to one actress of films Scream and
    Scary Movie?

  13. thisismusic says:

    young, beautiful and ridiculously talented.

  14. melvin prater says:

    amanda was great, she seems such a dramatic person i can see her in a
    hallmark drama some day

  15. lafontainekookoo says:

    Joni Mitchell´s daughter on a whale…

  16. IzzyTempler says:

    Oh just looked him up- he’s really good. Cheers!

  17. Jacob Coley says:

    Haha you can’t post anything negative on youtube, even if it’s blatantly
    true, fans will still fight back with ill-founded arguments and thumb down
    all your comments :L

  18. VideosfromElle says:

    Her maturity is AWESOME SAUCE .. 😀

  19. Francisco Coto says:

    As cool as Laura? there’s no such thing

  20. Melanie Music says:

    Splendour !! 🙂

  21. Rachel Piper says:

    Does anyone know what the speech the man at the beginning is making?

  22. hawkhandsaw says:

    I believe she meant that her voice has the sound of great wisdom and
    experience, not Mum-Ra.

  23. Arjan Loeve says:

    Beautiful, can’t wait for the album!

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