What’s on your mind?

Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better than yours… But are they really? https://www.facebook.com/whatsonyourmindshortfilm DOWN…

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  1. HigtonBros says:

    Can someone tell Collegehumor.com and Break.com that I have posted this
    film to their web-site????

  2. HigtonBros says:


  3. humbleradio says:

    Very accurate depiction of the negative aspects of social media (not just
    Facebook). What I find even more troubling in our modern, always-online
    society is the apparent addiction to gadgets – smartphones, tablets, etc.
    People are constantly looking down at small rectangles. Here in Tokyo it’s
    an epidemic. You’ll be lucky to see anyone’s face on a train, let alone
    make eye contact. All you see are the tops of people’s heads as they stare
    down at their gadgets and scroll, tap, and scroll (Usually using ‘LINE’,
    it’s a chat app that has millions of users in Asia). It’s really destroyed
    the art of flirting, I have to say.?

  4. HigtonBros says:

    We are translating the film. If anyone would like to contribute to any of
    these following languages please send me a private message. French,
    russian, italian, arabic, persian, chinese, japanese, portuguese,
    vietnamese, hindi, punjabi, urdu or any other language. Thanks! ?

  5. sciencekiller224xxx says:

    stoopid..facebook is gr8 4 kewl ppl…smh this guys a nerd…?

  6. Patricia F Bertora says:

    Mucha gente pasa horas del día navegando por internet, y en su mayor parte
    en las redes sociales. Se ha vuelto una actividad diaria entrar para ver
    qué pasa en la vida de los demás, así como para compartir fotos,
    comentarios y vídeos sobre hechos cotidianos a manera de compartir aquellas
    ocasiones que nos llenan de alegría o que consideramos otros podrían querer
    ver. Pero, no siempre todo es así, a veces lo que la gente muestra en línea
    puede llegar a ser una mentira. Shaun Higton dirigió un documental el año
    pasado que trata precisamente sobre este tema, las mentiras que puede
    llegar a poner una persona en las redes sociales para aparentar una vida
    que no es real.
    Al parecer muchos creemos que la felicidad se debe mostrar, y que todo lo
    malo debe evitarse en nuestras “actualizaciones de estado”. Sin embargo,
    ¿realmente es así? ¿vos pensás que las redes sociales son lugar sólo para
    lo positivo? ¿conocés gente que mienta de esta manera?

  7. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Everyone on #Facebook looks like they’re having a great time. Fun
    adventures, deep romances, amazing jobs. It’s enough to make you feel
    inadequate, but it’s also a lie. Nobody is really as happy as their
    Facebook wall claims, as this piercing short from HigtonBrothers confirms.?

  8. ?????? ?????? says:

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  9. Farah Nazifa says:

    ‘Like’ option on facebook better not change the way u think about life.. I
    believe sooner everybody says Alhumdulillah (being satisfied and grateful
    to Allah) to whatever is going on in their life, life is always peaceful
    and good!?

  10. Braden Welke says:

    Can someone please explain to me the very ending? Was it someone else who
    hid all posts from Scott??

  11. Christine Felixon says:

    This kinda hit a nerve. It’s 21/2 minutes. I would really like your

  12. Ceyhun Dursun says:

    200 likes? I can’t even get 10 likes in facebook, *lol*?

  13. Roberto Lopes says:

    An interesting thing about this film is that the content, looking
    carefully, like Ross “you need to get off Facebook”, is not exactly an
    “Anti-Facebook movie”.
    Zuckemberg is not a Saint, but the problem is much more deeply than a
    single social network.

    Great work ;)?

  14. Michelle Cuevas says:

    This video is stupid, if people are so freaking bored with life maybe they
    should GO LIVE. Take pictures or don’t, but don’t blame us for being happy
    AND real. Some people are actually happy AND real, and LOVE to go places
    and do things, and then to share our memories and good times with friends
    and family far away, and we love to see their kids grow and hear the funny
    stories they share. We celebrate each others accomplishments and pray for
    their struggles. If you are so jealous of everyone else’s happiness and
    fun, then maybe it’s time to log off, but don’t assume that everyone who is
    happy is a liar. Moreover, who on earth would want to see pictures of your
    child vomiting with the flu. It is extremely normal to NOT puke your drama
    and difficulties all over EVERY casual acquaintance you have – it’s rude
    and uncomfortable in person and inappropriate on social media. It’s normal
    to have a few close friends that you share your struggles with, if you
    don’t have that the problem is not FB. The problem is that you are not
    also connecting in real life. Again, maybe shut off the computer and go
    live, but don’t blame us or insinuate that the happy posters are not being

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