What If Money Did Not Exist – Short Film

What if money did not exist in the world we lived today? What if we still need to barter trade for what we want? Will life be easier or tougher? Watch and fi…
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  1. TheGRIMFILM says:

    To everyone who’ve been asking what song is it at the end, it’s called
    ‘Ending’ by Nick Davis and here’s a link to the full track: Nick Davis –
    Ending Enjoy! :)?

  2. Bethenia Dixon says:

    Did you make a short film with a little boy in love with his teacher? He
    finds out she is engaged and wants to have a showdown with the fiance. Then
    the boy and man meet after school in the ruins of an old building and the
    boy pulls out a gun and the teacher comes up and begs the boy to stop but
    the boy makes the man get on his knees and beg. Then the man says he never
    loved the woman anyway and that the boy can have her, etc. Then the boy
    pulls the trigger and reveals it’s a fake gun and the teacher slaps the man
    for the terrible things he said about not loving her and he claims he only
    said it to make the boy stop. Then the boy and teacher leave the man there
    on the ground and she thanks the boy for showing her the true character of
    her fiance.
    I had this film in my favorites but it was removed and I can’t find it
    anywhere. I need to find this video, if you made it or know who made it,
    please point me to where the reupload is.?

  3. Ryan Sylvia says:


  4. Milaynhi N says:

    Money isn’t everything. If you can forgive those who look down on you or
    hurt you, and still help them, it shows what a Great person you are. Good
    message. ?

  5. Sarah-Faye Meyer says:

    after so many sad ones… 2 cats one house and 200 watermelons for a

  6. minipoiu1 says:

    wtf this has like no relevance to the video at all sia kinda poorly made
    short film bad actors and worser story line, too cliche only the first few
    minutes makes me kinda interested and then later on nothing to do with
    everything its like the second half from another video or something?

  7. JerTheBazarr says:

    Walaoa nearly cried!! LOVE IT! BROFIST FROM SINGAPORE!?

  8. MC Layer says:

    Man it has very less thing to do with the title?

  9. ArmpitResidue says:

    wait, he’s a doctor, right? can’t he like deliver the baby if it’s an

  10. lolzforthewinzor says:

    watching because of alica?

  11. crazyandstupitme says:

    what does the main story line have to do with “what if money did not exist”?

  12. Kelvin Ang says:

    Nice video and very meaningful! The main sponsor must be Otomotif College

  13. Justin Tee says:

    My services would be needed much since everyone has a computer and bound to
    have problems =)?

  14. latino1samurai says:

    A lot of people need to watch this. ?

  15. revoltin85 says:

    So, what’s wrong with being a mechanic? At least it is much honorable than
    being a politician!?

  16. Grace Teo says:

    Love the storyline esp. the videography :D?

  17. shahab faisal says:

    best siaaa!!!!!!!!!!…?

  18. kingandrewapolo1 says:

    What does the title have to do with anything? (except the first part where
    the girl buys phone credit with dogs lol)…i mean, money is just an easy
    name to judge the value of something, if money did not exist, then other
    type of monetary value will be used, but it will not make any difference,
    everything will always have an exchange value. People who have more to
    trade will still be called ‘rich’ and people with less are still ‘poor’.
    Providing service for free will still exist and DO exists in a world with
    or without money.?

  19. Phoenix Collins says:

    Wow, this is stupid. The film is great and all, but the idea it’s based on
    is stupid. Without money, online purchases would be next to impossible,
    plus a lot harder since you’d have to send something back.?

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