What Are the Best Graphics Tablets? | Graphic Design

What Are the Best Graphics Tablets? | Graphic Design

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14 Responses to “What Are the Best Graphics Tablets? | Graphic Design”

  1. Donosaur says:

    I didnt get much advice on what are the best graphic tablets. She mentioned
    Wacom (Actually pronounced Wack-em, not Way-cum) Basically the video should
    of said, How to use a pen tablet for dummies. :(?

  2. Kick Butt says:

    Can’t get crap except the obvious from your videos…?

  3. Mikasa Ackerman says:

    that didnt tell me anything on which one to get…?

  4. ! Virtual Kat ! says:

    On the iPad one if you place you hand on it will it come up in the drawing,
    Thank you ?

  5. AbstractWolf says:

    What app is this? 0:46?

  6. Mary Pope says:

    i think you guys are misunderstanding-this video is not going to tell you
    which tablet to get,its explaining the best qualities to have in a tablet
    so you can choose one for yourself!?

  7. Michelle Karen Wright says:

    what is the best graphic design software.. especially for beginners??

  8. Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson says:

    she has a apple laptop… all of her opinions are about tech are invalid.?

  9. Dhub Agency says:

    Wacom is indeed a leader in digital drawing tablets and for a good reason.
    Their tablets work extremely well, whether you’re an aspiring designer or
    you spent years in this field. If you’re just starting out, their Bamboo
    tablet is the perfect choice while the Intuos5 tablet will work well for
    the most experienced designers.?

  10. Mitsi -Chan says:

    i’m not looking for a tablet i’m just looking for a stylus pen that i can
    use thats like an actually pen (writing pen) i cant use the ones with the
    rubber. do any of u know where i can find those kind of stylus pen??

  11. TheVampireking330 says:

    Should put a list of tablets that you review. Just saying.?

  12. msfrankiec85 says:

    No offense but this video didn’t tell me anything about graphic tablets. I
    felt like this was an Apple ad.?

  13. Outsourcing Worldwide says:

    Nice, but is an ipad or android tablet really a good substitute to a
    graphic tablet? I know there are really great apps for ios and android for
    that, but not sure if it is really a better choice over an actual graphic
    tablet for that sole purpose.?

  14. Bangblockbap says:

    How you gonna do graphic design with that wannabe stylus wtf ?

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