WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 1

No other game has given me a greater feeling of dread than this one. Five Nights at Freddy’s is incredibly unique and takes an approach to horror that I’ve never experienced before. If you’re…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 1”

  1. Markiplier says:

    Anyone who loves horror games I DARE you to play this game! >:) Link to the
    game is in the description!?

  2. Bonnie The Bunny says:

    *ah…memories…I had fun watching this..this is where everything


  3. Ash Flagg says:

    let me tell you a storey..

    there was a pickle?

  4. MikeRoPhone ? says:

    Remember those good old times ? When nobody was overrated , only 7
    characters were known , the fandom full with funny comics ? Yeah , now its
    falling , it was fun.?

  5. Sonic the Hedgehog says:

    Can I have likes and Subscribers??

  6. Carlos Paz says:

    Like if watching when fnaf 3 is out?

  7. SpringTrap Salvage says:

    Ahh… The first FNAF… Confession time: When I first heard of FNAF andsaw
    Bonnie, I honestly thought Bonnie was a hippo…. >~>?

  8. Amber Schelling says:

    Maybe I’m just a newbie, but what’s the thing standing in the hallway? I
    wanna say golden Freddie.but I don’t want to be wrong. :p?

  9. Geoffrey Peracchio says:

    find the one I used twice?

  10. Denys Almaral says:

    *Please* Someone can suggest me a good youtube game-breakthrough-player
    that allow me to enjoy the game sounds without unnecessary scream and

  11. Ivander Latidjan says:


  12. GammaWALLE says:

    I got a bad feeling I made a terrible decision listening to this.

    Seriously, if I go deaf from the jumpscares, can I hold the maker

  13. PlNKwink says:

    I don’t understand why this game is considered “scary”! .. also I hope you
    stop acting like a girl.. you ‘ve been screaming even before the game
    started like wtf dude?

  14. royalrumble1991 - Minecraft AND Skate 3 says:

    Did anyone else see freddy ripping his head off at 11:45 first time?

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