Wall Art – Easy DIY

After many requests for me to show how I made the more difficult designs of wall art, I decided to make a video of my favorite design. You can take these tec…
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16 Responses to “Wall Art – Easy DIY”

  1. Tammy Shook says:

    I did this and it came out awesome. Thank you for posting it. I also have
    to wait for the weather to get a tad better here. its snowing outside :(?

  2. alda silvey says:

    hi can i also see the other designs you made please? i am doing now the
    other design you made.. from your video making butterfly.. please

    can i watch your first design and second one please.. thank you?

  3. Mayra Zayas says:


    But the fast forwarding is annoying. ?

  4. Ela Y. Elida says:

    this is so beautiful, thanks?

  5. ANNA montalvo says:

    Thank you Chelsea I was wondering how it was nobody.was explaining like you
    di it THANKS……?

  6. I LOVE DECOR... says:


  7. Eva La Chula says:

    Wall Art – Easy DIY: http://youtu.be/lgzxK12YS1U?

  8. Mariangela Barbosa de Oliveira says:

    Muito lindo! !?

  9. Lupe Torres says:

    I love it, I had seen many but yours is different and more creative.?

  10. Jana Grimmer says:

    Wonderfull idea… Thank you!!!?

  11. MAGALI MORA says:
  12. Marinela Celmeta says:

    I have a question: Can u use just regular white glue instead of the glue
    gun cause I don’t have one??

  13. Paula Andrea Echeverry says:

    Que lindo y práctico?

  14. Mariangela Barbosa de Oliveira says:
  15. Casually Crazy! says:


  16. G. J. VieT says:

    Absolutely Beautiful & Cheap to Make !!!?

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