Vital Remains Evil Death Live DVD Icons Of Evil High Quality

Vital Remains, extremely good band, i highly recommend, Dave Suzuki (asian guitarist)writes and records every instrument of every song, hes fucking amazing, …

17 Responses to “Vital Remains Evil Death Live DVD Icons Of Evil High Quality”

  1. makina777 says:

    awful vocals, not scary but pathetic from singer?

  2. Bloodiest Metal REC says:

    Hard for head ImI?

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    Hard for head ImI?

  4. horriblequin says:

    but Glen is Deicide, he was part of Vital Remains just for a while, but the
    hate of Glen remains in Deicide!

  5. Spines says:

    ah true lol

  6. TrashMetal25 says:

    I will eventually. I’m already striked out on youtube copyright
    infringement shit so I’ll have to wait a bit. Don’t wanna risk getting this
    whole account deleted.

  7. 8bitsorcerers says:

    begin the blood shed!

  8. Matheus Marcondes says:

    chega dar arrepio! sa├║do Vital Remains!

  9. Hammersmashed68 says:

    his new project is called CHURCHBURN…it’s like black/death/doom…very
    heavy shit!

  10. TrashMetal25 says:

    @Youmiketube10 where and when? im curious

  11. Nyktalgia says:


  12. TrashMetal25 says:

    I have no idea, I talk with Tony every now and then and he told me that
    “He’s Mr Doom now.” So I assume he is playing somewhere, I highly doubt he
    would stop.

  13. horriblequin says:

    Where is your kirk now???

  14. Spines says:

    upload the whole show?

  15. marie03a says:


  16. bouraoui karim says:

    muslim and satanic

  17. NecroWarrior3 says:

    Tony Lazaro!! m/

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