Virtual Reality Meets Diy With Samsung’s Project Beyond – Yahoo Finance

Samsung wants to make your dream, ahem, a reality. The South Korean electronics giant has unveiled Project Beyond, a pioneering (and pretty cool) 3-D, 360-degree camera designed to let people record their own virtual reality video. Related: Hate Flying? This Dreamy (or Dorky) Virtual Reality Helmet Could Help You Escape the Experience. For what it’s worth, Samsung claims it to be the first of its kind. Like, ever. Project Beyond, shown off at Samsungs developers conference just hours ago, transports users from their dull, real-life existences into the digital beyond, capturing and streaming three-dimensional videos in crisp high-resolution 3-D. It can stream events in real-time and stash the data for future viewing. Plus, it uses stereoscopic interleaved capture and 3D-aware stitching technology to see scenes, just as the human eye does. Related: Game Over? Oculus Fans Outraged By Facebook Purchase The disc-like all-black gizmo, dreamed up by Samsungs U.S.-based Think Tank team, promises to teleport you to the places and events you always wanted to see. With 16 cameras stashed inside and ultra-wide lenses built to jam out video at one gigapixel per second, it certainly has the gear to. But apparently not without pairing it with Samsungs Gear VR virtual reality headset. Unfortunately neither is available yet.
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