VIDEO: Japan Self Defense Force martial arts

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19 Responses to “VIDEO: Japan Self Defense Force martial arts”

  1. Vincent Gaspar says:

    The Japanese are number 1!?

  2. Kevin Maginnis says:

    Pretty good, though they should be covering the eyes with the face-rip

  3. wong wei says:

    Japanese are faggot warmongers like Americans with their faggot bjj and
    mma. Soon both will kneel before China and our superior martial arts.?

  4. Guilherme Comes says:

    In the case of a real war they’ll need to rush in a real commando course.
    These techniques are ok, but the training lack spirit and toughness, needed
    to soldiers.?

  5. mickparly says:

    Maybe their instructor told them to do it slow, because they are maybe not
    on a very high level, so they have to learn it properly before they do it
    faster – very normal in martial art.?

  6. Joong So Min says:

    not impressive.. shame.. i love japan.. what a shame..?

  7. Glenn Cumbria says:

    I think it’s time to move on from portraying Japan like it was in the war.
    Japan has a small army, a pacifist constitution and still has 30,000
    Americans based there, so is unlikely to start another Pacific war. Also I
    own a Nissan now and it’s a far superior car to the Fords, Vauxhalls and
    VAG products I’ve owned before.?

  8. Vincent Gaspar says:

    Ultrabenbooyah Are you kidding me? This is some of the best military
    training out there. They would never get killed! Not even close! Remember

    You are probably just some arrogant American prick!?

  9. hiahia891891 says:

    nothing like a little dehumanization, desensitization training. now just
    feed them strictly their US overloards media, sports, and video games and
    you’ve got your mindless army + a post service police force just killin for
    a paycheck and healthcare?

  10. anthony banares says:

    China are so arrogant?

  11. FreedomStacker says:

    Cool, JSDF is a badass group.?

  12. Son Nguyen says:

    a lot of aikido moves?

  13. Arthur Escave says:

    if the fate of the country is in the hands of such dudes – alas… ?

  14. ??????? says:


  15. Marlowe Aleanza says:

    @wong wei Well that “Faggot American MMA” always defeats most traditional
    martial arts. Some guy with a big ego always steps into an octagon trying
    some fantasy samurai bullshit, and the MMA practitioner always takes them
    to the ground and submits them. ?

  16. Levin Nuessli says:

    Is this jujitsu??

  17. Otibarom Production says:

    Clearly this sucks.. It is very clear.?

  18. bravo685 says:

    Hate all you want these fuckers were savages in ww2?

  19. ??? says:


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