Video: Gutai – Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art

Video: Gutai – Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art

Eric Chang, Specialist Head of department of Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art unveils a unique “Gutai” collection, representing the most avant-garde art movement of the 1950’s in Asia,…
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Robert Rodriguez Jr. Photography: Upcoming B&H Event Space Seminars: In this presentation Robert Rodr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Video: Gutai – Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art”

  1. B and H says:

    +Bruno Martelli Thanks for your inquiry – please contact Robert Rodriguez
    directly at ?

  2. B and H says:

    +Erwin List Please contact Robert Rodriguez at Thanks for your question!?

  3. Krabman says:

    Great lecture, nice choice of quotes?

  4. Agnostos Gnostos says:

    Too bla bla zero technic.?

  5. Bharath Kumar says:

    very ordinary photographs. could be done with a point and shoot. He claims
    he’s a professional photographer?

  6. shu172 says:

    Really great presentation. I am appreciating landscape photography more and
    more and Robert’s thoughts are very inspiring.?

  7. Arun Dangwal says:

    love this, in-depth from inside.. was not just a presentation to see but to
    feel it.. thanks Robert for showcasing what he feels from inside!?

  8. marcus trombly says:

    Excellent presentation of what photography is all about! Great advice,
    understanding, and Insight!?

  9. Leonardo Abreu says:


  10. steven galloway says:

    nice to know your from BEACON NY ?

  11. Kurt Langer says:

    If it was a 10 min vid I may start to watch. ?

  12. fluorescentpunk says:

    Thank you for this wonderful presentation, preparation and sharing of your
    insights, reflections and wisdom… You put into words what I think I’ve
    been feeling, along with many more tools to keep me inspired and pactising!
    Great teachers are rare, thank you!!?

  13. dboy1850 says:

    I really appreciated this class. Thank you for posting.?

  14. trevorpinnocky says:

    finally a photographer who talks about the art of photography, why it’s
    important and how to use it as a means of expression and communication.

    It’s not the gear, it’s the heart, soul, and mind behind the individual
    pressing the shutter. the great photographs come from within you, not from
    a machine.?

  15. John C says:

    This is an outstanding insight into the techniques that turn iconic images
    into images that have exceptional lighting. This is one of B&H’s better
    videos and that is saying a lot.?

  16. Carol Collins says:

    This video is inspiring. Thank you.?

  17. blutformel says:

    Not so good pictures.?

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