Veja um mestre do Photoshop trabalhando

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Photoshop CS6 Extended tutorial showing how to recreate a religious icon or painting of a serene person or figure surrounded with glowing auras of light. Cli…
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  1. Luk Skywalker says:


  2. yury Oliveira says:

    Depois de ver esse vídeo nem quis abrir meu Photoshop mais kkkkkkkk

  3. Paulo Baladas says:

    Só aquele vei correndo que ficou estranho HAUSHUASHUAHSUSHUA

  4. Ronalde Lopez says:

    Eu se sinto um merda no PhotoShop depois de assistir este vídeo :p

  5. Sem nada Pra fazer says:

    Nem vo me pronunciar .

  6. matheus fritzen says:

    sem comentarios e 1 um inscrito

  7. MattsGamer1 says:

    Tem Pessoas Que Ja Nasce Com O Dom Em Mecher Photoshop

  8. Fabiano Bezerra says:

    esse cara e foda de mais

  9. Texas Tutoriais says:

    O Povo da nota 0 Pois tem inveja kkkk e n conssegue fazer oque o cara fez
    !!! quem concorda curte

  10. Leomar Luiz says:

    Inclusive a minha kk By:Vilmar

  11. Felipe Torreias says:

    Cara vc é um Gênio.. kkkkk e eu pensava que eu manjava!

  12. jandersom bonfim says:

    HAHA, DON, e paciensia kk. krl. bom de mais essse kara

  13. ESTUDIO 40 e 10 . says:

    esse cara tambem deve mexer com isso a uns 7 a 10 anos…

  14. Thuchow TFM says:

    ~le_eu_di_boa_no_youtube quando:Veja um mestre do Photoshop trabalhando.
    eu:aposto q faço melhor ~le_eu_Quando_acabo_de_ver o my god fui humilhado 🙁

  15. CrispyKartel says:

    Hey, I followed all steps until about 6:50, but at 6:09 polar coordinates,
    i clicked okay and some of the bright yellow is not all over the picture,
    it kind of curves and my two right corners are left brownish. I thnk maybe
    because I am not using the same size as you? I opened a picture the way it
    was and skipped your first sizing step. I assume this is what had the
    effect on the picture. Please Help ?!?

  16. Bradley Wright says:

    where can I get the stock img at?

  17. nashaat salah says:

    My dear MARTY, you just give us a very big Piece of art and i believe its
    ur best jop ever. i have injoying watching you working and much injoying to
    follow your work to have most ever Beautiful photo i have thank you so much
    and u still the god of photoshop creators and Tutorials.?

  18. Geraldo M says:

    Nice tutorial Marty you are the best!!?

  19. Angel Moreno says:

    Amazing and fun tutorial!!!! Thank you?

  20. TSGRchannel says:


  21. TSGRchannel says:

    My CS^ will not allow me to use the Filter Gallery. Why??


    Absolutely superb stuff. Great tutorial, easy to follow and very much

  23. activeeq says:

    Amazing! Thank you!!

  24. Blue Lightning TV says:

    Teodoro Perez…Sorry if you’re finding the tuts move too fast. Balancing
    the right amount of speed & information for every level of viewer can be
    challenging, however, most find the speed to be just right. The Pause &
    Rewind buttons are there to review sections.


    Hello my teacher I like your video so much because everyday always study
    photoshop by your video I really happy to study with your video thanks you
    sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. n.d Nesta says:


  27. Umbra Vindasel says:

    I did this and somehow inspired a cult. I guess I’m just that awesome…

  28. Frankie Jaimes says:


  29. ? ?? says:

    so cool!

  30. Teodoro Perez says:

    No fault of your Marty!. I still love your tutorials but at almost 65, I no
    longer retain the sequences as fast as I used to..You are a great
    inspiration.So much that, I started watching this tutorial at 3:00Pm
    Colorado time and its 11:53 Pm but cant let it go. I Subscribed to your
    channel and will follow it via my Roku, Thanks for taking the time to

  31. Phoenicion says:

    Man I love this tutorial

  32. stevensonrf says:

    Hi Marty! Really enjoyed this one! Can’t wait to try it!

  33. Matt A says:

    Beautiful, marty. 🙂

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