Vector Art Tutorials for Photoshop

Vector Art Tutorials for Photoshop, how to make photos to cartoon. cara membuat foto menjadi kartun menggunakan photoshop.

This tutorial will teach you how to reduce noise effect from a photo which has visible pixels using reduce noise filter in Adobe Photoshop. Don’t forget to c…
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11 Responses to “Vector Art Tutorials for Photoshop”

  1. EL Azhar says:

    gan gmana cara bikin alis seperti itu pke pen tool, udh sya coba tpi ngga
    berhasil. mohon penjelasannya.
    terimakasih sebelumnya?

  2. carlos martinez Martinez says:

    Excelente amigo, pero en espaƱol porfaa!!?

  3. Abduljabbar Abdulnasir says:

    Thank you.?

  4. andika kristiawan says:


  5. Kusuma Anggreni says:

    mantap gan (y)?

  6. E Israel Andrade E says:

    i hate those 20 something minutes videos for things like this.

    just what i needed, thanks!?

  7. Donald Donaldson says:

    Very handy. Thank you so much. ?

  8. Sundar B says:

    Fast, precise and bang on target…. Nice one…?

  9. wakaphwap says:

    why cant every photoshop tutorial be shot??

  10. sachintha jayasuriya says:

    Thanks !?

  11. TheGamezFun says:

    Hey Brother Can You make A Tutorial On How To Have Joker(From Batman Movie)

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