Vacuity – Sci-Fi Short Film Drama

Trapped in a dying space station airlock, Alan must choose survival to see his family again or sacrifice to save his crew. What others are saying: “[Vacuity …

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  1. IsItModern says:

    There are no restraints or seat belts in that escape pod. Even if he had
    ejected the pod, he would have died on re-entry from being shaken around
    violently like a little metal ball in a spray can. Next time try designing
    a space pod that wouldn’t kill you as soon as you hit Earth’s gravity.
    There’s no drama if he’s going to die no matter what happens.?

  2. Ashton Usher says:

    This was not what I was expecting…. I went into this blind and didn’t
    even read the description. It was well written…. D=

    Vacuity – Sci-Fi Short Film Drama?

  3. phil30k says:

    I don’t understand how it was a sacrifice. One side of the airlock was
    outer space and the other was the station and the malfunctioning airlock
    was decompressing in preparation to open up to outer space. So his choices
    were to open the airlock to the station and he and everyone would die when
    the entire space ship decompresses through the malfunctioning airlock; Or
    separate the airlock from the station (evacuate), and die in a
    malfunctioning airlock that’s stuck in decompressing; Or do nothing and the
    airlock would decompress and opens to outer space and he dies and so would
    the rest of the crew when the door from the station opens to the airlock.
    In all the possible scenarios, everyone dies.?

  4. Whoozerdaddy says:

    Meh. I connected more with the wife’s voice on the phone than with the
    actor in the airlock. He was as monochromatic as the set. Nice production
    quality though.?

  5. Ceiis Censileyess says:

    “Error 11323”

    This is what happens when you have Windows 8. NASA, learn from this.?

  6. Michael Matzur says:

    Happy Boxing Day! Vacuity has reached a quarter million views in 8 months!?

  7. Raymond St Paul says:

    You would think they’d have emergency manual backups an supplies in case of
    being in this kind of scenario also why no restraints for pod atmosphere
    re-entry. If you look past the budget restraints an flaws of the feature
    it was a good low budget short film.?

  8. ?????? ?????????? says:
  9. TesaFiLMs testchanal says:

    Good shortfilm?

  10. Mihai Midus says:

    *Sci-Fi Short Film Drama*?

  11. Leigh Krampe says:

    All in a single location…incredible?

  12. SA Von Vandetta says:

    so he’s survived or not??

  13. John Kroetch says:

    Good acting, great set, appropriate soundtrack. Very professional.?

  14. Gabriel Martins says:

    well executed?

  15. Chad Ellis says:

    So what happened, he dies and saves everyone how??

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