[ v e r a x ] : Edward Snowden / ??? – Short Film

Now showing with English subtitles, ???? and ????? —————————————————————————————– Wikipedia articl…

14 Responses to “[ v e r a x ] : Edward Snowden / ??? – Short Film”

  1. TheAv66 says:

    Now the NSA is going to look through all of my private information because
    I watched this film. When they find that I declared war on America in the
    Computer Game Sid Meir’s Civilization V, they will send the CIA in to kill
    me and everyone I know. Shit.?

  2. Colby Narramore says:

    I bet I’m on some kind of list somewhere now that I’ve watched this. ?

  3. Nathan VanEngelenburg says:

    Too cool! Gabe you are NEO!! LOL?

  4. Colby Narramore says:

    I bet I’m on some kind of list somewhere now that I’ve watched this. ?

  5. Mark Wells says:

    Very nice work. ?

  6. A Giver says:


  7. The Internet Daily says:

    Watch Edward #Snowden – The short film. Yes, They already have it! ?

  8. Michael V. says:


  9. Film For Justice says:


  10. Banz ai says:

    An Edward Snowden movie already?



  11. Thomas Wanhoff says:

    just in case you haven’t watched it yet it’s the first movie about
    Snowden. its done by amateurs but actually for a quick movie its pretty

  12. Daniel Wu says:

    V? Edward Snowden ?ã ???c d?ng thành #film #edwardsnowden ?

  13. Felix Wayne says:


  14. Songqing Wu says:


    ???•???(Edward Snowden)???????????????????????????????????????

    ??????????(National Security

    ?????????????Verax????????????(CIA)????????(China’s Ministry of State


    ?????(Jeff Floro)????(Shawn Tse)????(Marcus Tsui)?????????????(Edwin



    ???????????(Saturday Night Live)??????????????????????????????????????












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