Use Flash Transitions to Stylize Your Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro

Visual Effects artist and Rampant Design Lead Creative Sean Mullen shows us how to use flash transitions to instantly stylize your video in Adobe Premiere Pr…
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19 Responses to “Use Flash Transitions to Stylize Your Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro”

  1. mymakeupsecret says:

    I can’t import the files to premiere cc pro .( Can you help me??

  2. Matthew Moore says:

    How come when i go to import the files it says there is no audio or video
    #problem ?

  3. Thomas Leroy says:

    I import the footage on Avid but it’s not a same result…what’s effect use
    in Avid for create a same result ? it’s key-in ? a superimpose ? thanks a

  4. pqsm says:

    podrias explicarlo en espaƱol? o ponerle subtitulos ;(?

  5. Kat Blake says:

    For all the people having trouble importing these files on Windows, just
    install Quicktime’s latest version (it contains Apple ProRes) and it will
    fix it for you.

    I have a legit Premiere and had done all the updates, but still didn’t work
    until then.?

  6. Brian Ngo says:

    i have a pc, same problem with other user, error showed up “Import Failure,
    the files has no audio or video streams”‘. i tried looking for download
    lastest version of Apple ProRes Quicktime Codec for Windows but no luck
    only found Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0 for Windows which was posted
    on 2008 (tried that but still doesn’t work) help anyone??

  7. Benjamin Tan says:

    Still dont quite understand, although now i’m able to view the clips on
    windows, its still not able to import into premiere for windows. Please
    help. thanks.?

  8. Chris Rakoczy says:

    Question: when adding 2K clips to my HD timeline, clicking “Scale to Frame”
    doesn’t fill the frame and leaves unaffected “letter box” regions top and
    bottom. What am I missing??

  9. ObeyTune says:

    thank you so much been looking for this kind of transition everywhere!?

  10. Macewan Fleming says:

    Hey +RampantMedia I really enjoyed your video and downloaded your free
    samples, but I can’t seem to import the samples into Premiere Pro? An error
    occurs saying that the files have no audio or video, but I can play them
    with vlc. I’ve tried converting the files from .MOV’s to mp4’s and H.264
    with Xilisoft but I get a similar problem. Please, someone help me.?

  11. TheItchyEyePhotos says:

    What I love about your channel is that your tutorials aren’t just with one
    program, they’re with several! Proud subscriber :)?

  12. vazza69 says:

    Sweet! Thanks a bunch!!!?

  13. TheGoProLife says:

    for anyone using premiere elements you use luma key with threshold 100% and
    cutoff 0%?

  14. lexa aquino says:

    The “More Better” and the following lines are funny. :3?

  15. Sean Mullen says:

    TUTORIAL: Use Flash Transitions to Stylize Your Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use
    Flash Transitions to Stylize Your Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro?

  16. Heidi Pr says:

    So helpful! Thanks!!!?

  17. tronikk x says:

    Thanks heaps!!!!?

  18. Emma Ocholla says:

    wow you guys are the best thanks so much wow i love them ?

  19. suaraproduction says:


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