Underground – A Lego Stop-Motion Short Film

Timothy Smith wants to build a train. However, will his dream be worth it? This animated short was filmed by taking picture after picture and moving Lego bri…

19 Responses to “Underground – A Lego Stop-Motion Short Film”

  1. 2000Pablillo says:

    Wow, this is the best lego film i’ve ever watched!!?

  2. IAISICE trainmodeler says:

    I don’t get it. ?

  3. igo258 says:

    The train noises come from… the Montreal trains? Because that’s totally
    what they sound like.?

  4. Ben Garner says:

    This was an interesting video until you started proselytizing.?

  5. drwhovshalo says:

    that is amazing!!!! how much for the train ;)?



  7. CreatorDoesMC says:

    wow thats a really good animaton?

  8. Andrew Bandur says:

    Oh my gosh he’s a genius!?

  9. Mark Brickrich says:

    This is so cool you should make more Lego movies
    love the plot :-)?

  10. AwesomeColin419 says:

    good work, good work i must say. it could of been in HD to make it better,
    or a camera that was 130×140 pixels?

  11. JLN13 says:

    amazing make more?

  12. Bruna Bitencourt says:

    HDTV chjdhfhfgffhgchgfzhxbxnmbxayxegbddrzq @ * ! *:cadr?

  13. Narnia145 says:

    OH my god, this is AMAZING! it should be a real movie! I subscribed!?

  14. Darling Nikki says:

    I wish I can build something like that :(?

  15. kacper rzesutko says:


  16. Joel Kershaw says:

    Good short film. My son, who is obsessed with Legos and trains, loves it

  17. payton copple says:

    at the end, THE TRAIN CAR! get it??

  18. David Thompson says:

    Very good video, still enjoyable if we understand it or not.
    Thanks guys.?

  19. NJO Rocks says:

    Do an Underground 2: The Outside! Or something like that.

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