Twixtor Turotial After Effects CS4/5/6 (Skiing/Snowboarding)

This is a tutorial on how to use twixtor in after effects to make slow motion with 60p/30p footage. This will also look cool in your cod montages, just follo…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “Twixtor Turotial After Effects CS4/5/6 (Skiing/Snowboarding)”

  1. oriontrail says:

    I’m beginner in AE CS5.
    I have a video which is 5 minutes long and I want to crop only 20 seconds
    on which I have applied Twixtor. How can I do that? How to ‘cut’ and delete
    everything else?
    I’m searching Youtube but I feel so stupid I can’t find the answer :/?

  2. Jack Malczynski says:


  3. NickeTMD says:

    Change the name “Turotial” 😀

  4. Jonathan P says:

    what camera do u use?

  5. BlizzedBoarding says:


  6. Zombieblizzed2 says:

    thats a glitch that can come with the wrong version of twixtor

  7. TheMrbean97 says:

    why my CS4 preview is slow…it always refresh refresh refresh and to disable it?

  8. BlizzedBoarding says:

    also, make sure you are using h.264 compression

  9. Biruma myathar says:

    hello!! Nice video . Can u help me for my problem . I use twixtor in cs 5.5
    n my computer RAM is 4 GB Core i 3 processor. But my slow motion is bad why
    is that? Watch in my channel “Icestrike2 “plz Thank u sir.

  10. JTWfxstudio says:

    Render out your footage in h.264 format. You can look up a video tutorial
    on it real quick, because it would take a while to type 🙂

  11. Amine Gorti says:

    I need your Help please !! I don’t know why in the begining of every slow
    moment I make I get something with the moving object like a shadow or
    something that moves with it ( everything is smooth , only that thing
    bothers me !

  12. Nepoviem Meno says:

    Please where you downloaded TWIXTOR and how to install ??

  13. Zombieblizzed2 says:

    The ghosting occurs when there is too much movement, you can’t really fix
    that after the shot has already be taken :/

  14. Zombieblizzed2 says:

    the original hero, but the hero 2 will be just as good at 720p 60fs. The
    new hero 3 does 1080p 60fps so thats even better!

  15. modcoyote says:

    Great tutorial. Keep going 🙂

  16. Darth Zader says:

    i hav a question. would twixtor on a jumper effect look cool. or is it just
    dumb. id appreciate the help.

  17. ?????? ???????? says:

    Gopro version you use?

  18. Zombieblizzed2 says:

    gotta make sure you are shooting at 60fps

  19. TheBoysAreBackk says:

    ya what randomkeeps said. can you share that clip so we can all use it?!

  20. Zombieblizzed2 says:

    after effects and premiere pro

  21. ZooXAce says:

    Thanks..U make Video So Easy to Understand

  22. Zombieblizzed2 says:


  23. Jonathan P says:

    How many frames does your camera run?

  24. Brian Gaspard says:

    it works now

  25. TheNinjaGamer02 says:

    kkkkkkkk legal a intro

  26. PøseidønDz? :3 says:

    vlw manolo like

  27. Cesar Madalena says:

    né :3

  28. GuToLoKoBR says:

    musica usada no video?

  29. KyhoGamer says:

    vlw mano +1 inscrito

  30. MrHeroExtreme says:

    vlw mano

  31. TheMstleozinho says:

    so close Calvin harris

  32. FriendsGamersHD says:

    Obrigado pelo tutorial , estou inscrito , like e favorito , se vc puder
    olhar meu canal , se gostar se inscreva por favor ;p

  33. HeidemannGamer says:

    Muito Obrigado! ^^ Bom tutorial!

  34. DiNn3r DZN says:


  35. Taliban Gamer says:

    manja dos crotes ?

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