Tutorial: How to Make Seamless Pattern Repeats in Adobe Illustrator

Make seamless patterns in Adobe Illustrator / Free Download of Graphic Design Launch Kit: http://thevectorlab.com/pages/newsletter.

2 Responses to “Tutorial: How to Make Seamless Pattern Repeats in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Joshua Simmet says:

    Hey Ray; awesome tutorial, I really like that pattern. I was wondering if
    you know how to make a seamless pattern using type. I’ve been attempting
    to make a pattern using the tagline “chicago’s design school” to make a
    texture; yet it seems no matter how I lay out the pattern when I make it,
    whether it be by grid, brick, column ect, you can definitely see the seams
    in the type and that it is repeated across the art board. Do you have a
    tutorial for this or maybe a solution?
    Thanks 🙂 – Joshua?

  2. Sebastián .B.R says:

    sick!, thanks guys!?

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