*Tutorial* How To Change All Your Folder Icons Permanently

Watch in HD Rate,Comment And Subscribe…:D! Hello Everyone,I’m gonna show you how to change your folder icon all at once..( Empty folder only) 1.Press the W…
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  1. Nostryck says:

    “Shell Icons” key
    There’s one key where several system icons are stored. This is
    VersionexplorerShell Icons
    Here’s a list (permanently under construction):
    0 (Explorer) Unknown File Type
    1 (Explorer) Default Document
    2 (Explorer) Default Application
    3 (Explorer) Closed Folder
    4 (Explorer) Open Folder
    5 (Drive) 5.25 inch floppy
    6 (Drive) 3.5 inch floppy
    7 (Drive) Removable Drive
    8 (Drive) Hard Drive
    9 (Drive) Network Drive
    10 (Drive) Network Drive disconnected
    11 (Drive) Cd-ROM Drive
    12 (Drive) RAM Drive
    13 Entire network (globe)
    14 ??
    15 (Explorer) Networked Computer
    16 (Explorer) Printer(s)
    17 (Desktop) Network Neighborhood
    18 (Explorer) Workgroup
    19 (Startmenu) Programs
    20 (Startmenu) Recent documents
    21 (Startmenu) Settings 22 (Startmenu) Find
    23 (Startmenu) Help
    24 (Startmenu) Run
    25 (Startmenu) Suspend
    26 (Startmenu) Docking
    27 (Startmenu) Shutdown
    28 (Overlay) Sharing
    29 (Overlay) Shortcut
    30 (Overlay) ??
    31 (Desktop) Recycle bin empty
    32 (Desktop) Recycle bin full
    33 (Explorer) Dial-up Networking
    34 (Explorer) Desktop
    35 (Startmenu) Settings/Control Panel
    36 (Startmenu) Programs/Program folder
    37 (Startmenu) Settings/Printers
    38 ??
    39 (Startmenu) Settings/Taskbar
    40 (Explorer) Audio CD
    42 (Explorer) Saved search (.fnd)
    43 (Explorer & Startmenu) Favorites
    44 (Startmenu) Log Off?

  2. Alakinender says:

    Hey, could you give me a link to that windows theme you have? And when I
    type Shell Icons it says it already exists, do I place a new key then in
    that existing folder??

  3. fadly naufal says:

    are you muslim?

  4. duahart den says:

    saya bingung waktu namain redfolder.ico, tempat saya namanya black tm w7
    empty folder terus bagaimana caranya biar bisa trims?

  5. TekkitCast says:

    Dose this work for all folders??

  6. Gurlal deep Singh says:

    it working for only empty folder give me for all?

  7. Mohamed Faisal A says:

    i like your pc theme. how can i get that friend??

  8. TheCreeperID says:

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