Tutorial: Easy minecraft cartoon icons (GIMP)

Tutorial: Easy minecraft cartoon icons (GIMP)

Sorry About how quiet this video is. My others are not like this. Template:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/279952193/Icon%20template%20(Tutorial%20by%20P…

4 Responses to “Tutorial: Easy minecraft cartoon icons (GIMP)”

  1. Clerby says:

    Can You help me? When I try to scale the image it stays the same, Anyone
    know why??

  2. Godz Warrior says:

    Can anyone help me with mine I can create my channel art but i seem to have
    a mental block on these icons it drives me insane?

  3. PointlessMC says:

    umm what pencil are you using like a line or square and how do u get it
    straight i have it on 73 i dont know how to get it straight and just a
    normal black line not a bunch of squares?

  4. Thomas Grant says:

    omg my pic sucks can you help/do it for me plz??

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