Top 10 features of Adobe InDesign CS 6

Have you been thinking lately as to how you could make great use of the Top 10 features of Adobe InDesign CS 6 version which has been only recently released by Adobe? This article is an attempt to explore the various features that Adobe CS 6 offers to its users.

CS 6 is the brand new offering of Desktop Publishing software from the Adobe stable. What makes it a universally acceptable industry standard publishing application is the fact it can be used to the utmost advantage by Print Designers, Interactive Designers, Digital Designers and EBook and EPublication houses. Naturally to be counted as a popular publishing application software used by a tribe of creative professionals, Adobe InDesign Plugin development has a basket of features to offer. Listed below are ten of the most popular features that contribute in making the designers work easy and fast.

A greater flexibility has been added in the form of the feature PDF form tools which gives the designer the liberty to to add the actual form fields to the PDF without exporting the layout from InDesign to PDF and then using Acrobat to finish up.

Ability to Copy/Paste HTML such as including twitter feeds and Google maps into iPad apps which was a cumbersome process. This helps save time for Digital Publishing companies.

Ease of creating multiple layouts in one document thanks to the addition of features like alternate layout and liquid layout helps CS6 users adapt to every type of layout whether horizontal or vertical for any type of tablet

CS6 introduces EPUB3 capability, including support for video and audio tags. However, this feature is restricted to be used on some devices.

Ability to change column width on the fly is achieved through the inclusion of flexible column width feature in InDesign CS6 which is of great help especially when working on liquid layouts

Another new feature known as Auto-Size Text Frames which allows text frames to expand or contract based on the amount of text contained in the frame.

The new Content Collector and Content Placer Tools which enables the user to copy a bunch of items to the clipboard and then selectively paste them in the current document as well as any other document along with the added flexibility of mapping any text styles involved.

Assets specific to overlays such as panoramas or audio controller images are stored in a folder named Overlay assets using CS6. This feature was unavailable in previous InDesign versions.

An Illustrator feature which helps choose a key object to align other selected objects is now available in InDesign as well

With CS6 users can still save all the way back to CS4

The little bugs and fixes that were needed of the previous versions have been well taken care of in the newest version.

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