Tongan Short film 3

Tongan Short film 3

Available Subtitles: English / French / Spanish / Turkish (by: Kerem Dönmez) / Slovak / Russian / Italian / Hungarian / Estonian / Vietnamese (by user: MrKam…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “Tongan Short film 3”

  1. Sia Lata says:

    There is no place like home ! :)?

  2. Kolokesa Holani says:

    This movie was so sad. TRUE that there is no place like HOME ! xx?

  3. Emali Teputepu says:

    This movie is so sad! Made me cry. :,(?

  4. Meletaiala Makoni says:

    this so sad

  5. Elenoa Vaipulu says:

    true theres no place like home huh???? touching story so emotional.. thank

  6. Vaimoana Tupou says:

    loved dis short film…the music played well wit the play…i cried
    hard…malo e faú faiva.

  7. Vai Filimoehala says:

    malo hono toe fkmahino’i mai e talanoa oe foha maumau koloa eee

  8. mamaLETTAh says:

    no place like home <3 sad video = )

  9. malaekula says:

    hi lovelyan mou ffe hke?? hahh I LOVE DIS MOVIE .. KEEP IT UP GUYS. KIKE

  10. Ladeneh says:

    Tai asi pe koe he kona eee ikai toe ai h mea ia e taha

  11. Anthony Folau says:

    so sad

  12. NGATUVAI2770 says:

    LOL i thought these videos were a waste of time but deadset this movie is
    the best one:D

  13. Aniselina Mafi says:

    what a great film..its reminded us that there is no better place like home!

  14. Moni F says:

    Wow, Ha’amonga was my 6th grade teacher at Maofanga. He was a great
    teacher! It is wonderful to see both Ha’amonga and Toe’umu in this short
    film. Keep up the good work!

  15. AiMaa33 says:

    @SnoopHorse I appreciate your positive feedback to the director/producer.
    Every producer big or small need feedback on their work, and i really
    appreciate your positive feedback to Neka so he can grow and his work
    become more refined. It’d be great to see tongan producers out there and
    Neka your well on your way.

  16. Elina Veisinia Tongia says:

    dat ws cool 4 a tongan short film…not all dat…always room 4
    improvement…but enjoyed t…kip at it tonga…hopefully we’ll have a
    tongan producer and directors out there in the film industry…reminder ov
    d ‘foha maumau koloa’ lol

  17. 6viliami says:

    @6viliami .. mann.. I can’t stop my tears from falling.. good movie.. learn

  18. Lisita Kolo says:

    ths is so saad !

  19. May Boucher says:


  20. jabberwagon says:

    I can’t believe Fabio Audi (Gabriel) was 21 when he filmed this, and
    Ghilherme Lobo (Leo) was only *14!*?

  21. Sophie Scott says:

    does anyone have a link to the english subtitled version of the movie? i
    really want to see it because i absolutely loved this, but everywhere I’ve
    searched doesn’t have a subtitled version :(?

  22. Bobby Myers says:

    If I had seen this version of the film prior to seeing the feature (The Way
    He Looks), I would have loved it. I like this – a lot, but now that I’ve
    seen the feature, I’m blown away. The feature is amazing in every way, such
    an achievement. This cast just got better – and you could tell they’ve
    worked together for a while (their comfort level has grown). Daniel Ribeiro
    has done something amazing with the feature – and I suspect this will be a
    catalyst for change when it comes to telling stories that involved
    characters who happen to be homosexual or themes of homosexuality. What a
    brilliant movie.?

  23. Ganymede1135 says:

    This is one of my favorite short films! Leonardo and Gabriel are both
    HANDSOME and make such a sweet couple. Giovanna did not have to be a tad
    bitchy though. Awww 9:39-9:45.That kiss was too CUTE 14:27, be still my
    heart! I look forward to seeing the feature film version of this =D?

  24. Tristan Storar says:

    What language is this??

  25. carlos eduardo geraldo says:

    aff , quem me dera conhecer aquela garota e ser cego ;-;?

  26. Shama Parveen says:

    best video i have ever seen?

  27. Paulo Andrade says:

    Todas as vezes que assisto esse filme choro de felicidade.
    Eu adoro esse sorriso do Leo quando ele ver que o Gabriel beijou o.
    Eu vivi esse amor na vida real, infelimente meu amor aos 32 anos foi morar
    com Deus.
    Ele foi meu amigo e principalmente meu amor, meu homem.
    Foi maravilhoso durante 8 anos, hoje vivo só a espera de um amor verdadeiro
    como ele foi comigo.
    Minha cidade é Fortaleza.?

  28. Emiliano Notari says:

    Primeiro vi o longa, depois soube da existência desse curta, esse filme me
    emocionou muito, pela simplicidade e ausência de rótulos e maldade.

  29. Hugo Lima says:

    Q curta escroto?

  30. geodeme24 says:

    How am i going to cry when I’m a homophobic ?

  31. Beatriz R. says:

    Queria parabenizar os atores por ter feito essa maravilhosa obra! tanto o
    curta quanto o filme são demais! AMEI <3?

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