Tip: Graphical Icons in Minecraft Chat

Tip: Graphical Icons in Minecraft Chat

Host: Chad “OMGchad” Johnson For those Minecraft server admins and mapmakers, here’s a great filter for your creations. For show notes, including links to ev…

17 Responses to “Tip: Graphical Icons in Minecraft Chat”

  1. The Roblox Player says:

    no download link YOU IDIOT it just takes me to a different page?

  2. NerdPenguin says:

    I quit the vidio as soon as he said “MCedit”

  3. Mr. ROFL says:

    you should really put those blocks more evenly. my OCD is killing me?

  4. Vycka LT says:

    dowlaind url

  5. Jackson Brasfield says:

    omgchad i need help i don’t know how to get the filter please help me?

  6. Jackson Brasfield says:

    dude i dont know how to get it it wont dowload plz show me how to get it?

  7. Diamonds Galore says:

    i don’t know how to download the filter, when i hit download it takes me to
    a page where the filter is just there, no .py download.?

  8. Symon luigie Buenaflor says:

    Hey chad can i join omgcraft?

  9. The Roblox Player says:

    Here`s the download link :
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1963867/notificationFilter.py ?

  10. Thegaminggeek20048 says:

    Check out this awsome vid and subscribe to OMGcraft :D?

  11. Tracy Woodford says:

    When you download it, it gives you the *pictures* not the *file*?

  12. Thomas Lund says:

    Awesome vid?

  13. Nicholas Mania says:

    How did I not know about you before?

  14. Tracy Woodford says:

    The LilCraft server uses this in the Dwarves vs Zombies?

  15. A N00BZ GUIDE TO MC says:

    Omgcraft gets way to less appriciation if u think of how awesome he is. He
    surely works hard but no one give him feedback, people just say what view
    and comment they have like first or second chad really os nice spending his
    time showiing people we may have’nt known if he wouldnt show us so give him
    feedback or say nothing!?

  16. Thompson Thomp says:

    At download it just show’s so much code and no download button. >:(?

  17. Rageble Biscuit says:

    Nice vid! Can’t see why you don’t have many comments :P?

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