This Time | A Jubilee Project Short Film

Tweet: | FB: As Manny has second thoughts about getting married, he is visited by an unexpected guest. And he is f…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “This Time | A Jubilee Project Short Film”

  1. JubileeProject says:

    Thank you for your INCREDIBLE support for #ThisTime!

    Make sure to send the film to a friend you love. And subscribe for more
    videos! #DGiC :D?

  2. Adreana R says:


  3. Jessica Aksskjold says:

    i cried….. when he cried… i cried….. i usually dont really cry to
    movies/videos but damn… i did to this… aish.. Lee Hong Ki is so
    handsome though! 😀 <3?

  4. lee_image says:

    Ki Hong with his dimples and eye smile and face and voice and just UGHHH?

  5. SimplyYue says:

    So that 5 minute film just made me cry… thanks guys, thanks. New
    subscriber well earned I make short films too but you guys are such an
    inspiration. <3 ?

  6. Zhonguoria says:

    WOW, the BIG question is….. Is it better to have loved and lost, or never
    to have loved at all??

  7. jung hye says:

    Ki Hong Lee’s acting was awesome! I hope he will get more main cast in any
    movie. Btw thanks for the short films JubileeProject :D?

  8. Envy Hohenheim says:

    Ki Hong Lee. My soulmate…. Even if he doesn’t know it yet ?????

  9. SimplyAmazing says:

    Does anybody know the piano song at the end of the video? It’s very lovely.

  10. MC Kim ?? says:

    great acting from Ki Hong Lee, just amazing until I see the girl… my god
    my eyes died?

  11. sakurapompom says:

    awwwww so sweetttt….found it when mine is about 11 months awayyy…?

  12. Kasuki Jubeiy says:

    Love this movie…its a short one,but powerful message. I recognize the
    lead guy from the maze runner. He’s cool. Nice movie!!!! Im gonna share it
    for sure!!! Spread the love!!!!?

  13. Munching Mozzarella says:

    There is no fear in love.
    but perfect love casts out fear.


  14. Garfield Plays says:

    why didnt he just go back time time to before they was about to meet and
    just stop it then if he wanted to no be hurt?

  15. EpicBlockGirl -Lia says:

    AWh Minho?????????

  16. Lilie An says:

    How can such a short piece has so many holes?
    In an attempt to be deep and emotional, it only managed to be as deep as a
    puddle. I won’t even bother to elaborate more than this.
    Try harder next time.?

  17. Laine Cortez says:

    I cried. Why oh why? ?

  18. Crysti Lynn says:

    Damn, that was beautiful. Shame that I didn’t see this earlier. Great job!

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