Things Fall Apart (Short Film) [HD]

Things Fall Apart (Short Film) [HD]

The work of Rob Chiu, Motion Designer & Director of Film and Photography. Starring Jordan Chiu Motion collective Devoid of Yesterday (consisting of directors…

21 Responses to “Things Fall Apart (Short Film) [HD]”

  1. MDR Baco says:

    Chibaku Tensei!?

  2. seppe clijsters says:

    Cool! What programm is used to make that finale explosion barrier??

  3. Trowblood says:
  4. bonnyongit ma says:

    tutorial please???

  5. Andrea Tronci says:
  6. Bruno Conde says:
  7. Ibelieve Onlyinlove says:
  8. ????? ?????? says:

    ?????????? ???????? Rob Chiu?

  9. marcopolo3001 says:

    WTF is this pretentious BS!?

  10. Che Ffy says:


  11. Andrew Shostak says:

    My favorite few minutes…?

  12. ronny snellenburg says:


  13. Jamelith says:

    I loved the little kid’s voice.

  14. SonofaGlitch says:

    Meh. I mean plenty of skill involved but it’s confused. The message is
    about things falling apart, and in the end we have a kid explode with Akira
    energy as a visual indicator of the explosion of emotion, but the problem
    lies in the believability of angst in young children. I’d buy a teenager or
    an adult suffering from collapse, but little kids are too resilient
    emotionally to “explode”. The “exploding” of a person’s emotional state
    requires a buildup of experience, which kids just don’t have.

  15. tom tom tom tom tom says:

    new vision..strange..sad,,creepy…great
    soundtrack…excellant…………….didnt like the explosion ending.

  16. samgee500 says:

    Metro/S.T.A.L.K.E.R. spin-off anyone?

  17. Alejandra De Olivera says:

    LOVED it!congrats!! =P

  18. Mark Cagle says:

    Feels like the trailer for something bigger. It’s a teaser if anything.

  19. mislam13 says:

    he’s a mutant for sure, somebody take the kid to Dr.Xavier for evaluation.

  20. Alex Ford says:

    Definitely a trailer.

  21. vsgfilmgroup says:

    That’s pretty much all there was to come for.

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