Then you can be free – gay short film

To be in love is a great feeling. But if you are gay and you can’t show you love as you might like. What would your parents say? How will other people react?…
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  1. Ganymede1135 says:

    Beautifully made short film! This is a wonderful story about coming out and
    showing the person you love how much you care. The two main characters are
    so CUTE and have a sweet bond. There is no shame however you identify
    yourself sexually. Be yourself, not something or someone others dictate you
    should be.?

  2. Mooey Moo says:

    I know a person at school who hates gay people, i kicked him really hard in
    the nuts?

  3. kelsey noel says:

    my “mom” called people who like both genders confused. and to think I was
    going to tell her I wasn’t straight that day.?

  4. Tate Irwin says:

    im a gay transguy and it was really hard for me to build up the courage to
    come out. i only came out just 3 days ago by writing a note to my mom and
    having her tell my dad. im too lazy to type it all out but i recorded her
    reaction so its on my channel if u wanna check it out. after i came out she
    was very accepting but yesterday i talked to her about using male pronouns
    and my chosen name and she completely rejected the idea but that part is
    mainly for trans* kids. for anyone thats planning to come out, good luck!
    its not as bad as you expect.?

  5. Kiana WarpedTourFanatic says:

    BTW, Am I The Only One That Loves Their Hair? LOL ?

  6. Kittykittymew Mew says:

    I love this video. It really inspired me. I’ll use this more often with
    friends and the rest of my family.

    But my story?

    Well it kinda started last year, I began to realise that I like both boys
    and girls. It was hard because I thought everyone was going to think I was
    some kind of freak. But then I realised that my mom is ok with it, because
    she has many gay and Bi friends. I gave out little hints every now and
    again. And eventually I told her. She was happy for me, that I could find
    love anywhere

    But before I told her, I felt the stress build up each day. It got harder
    and harder.

    Please, if you haven’t told anyone your sexual orientation, it will help a
    lot of you do. Tell someone you. Completley trust. ?

  7. i lofy says:

    gays and lesbians should go to hell?

  8. sop says:

    The whole gay straight bi thing is so old school, there just categories /
    identities made up by society to try to simplify our understanding of human
    sexuality. People are just human and are capable of expressing their love
    however they choose with whomever they choose. So long as its not
    exploitive or abusive ppl shouldn’t be judged/labeled for having love.?

  9. Mary Mount says:

    My son has the wildest crush on my husband who is also gay. I get kinda
    tire thought of sharing the bed with the two of them and dodging those cum

  10. jerry Felstad says:

    They both look like twinks. Just sayin’.?

  11. Bill Michael says:

    No matter what, you need to give yourself a chance to live. Find
    yourself. Discover yourself. Be yourself. It is your life you must live,
    not someone else’s. Don’t let anything force you into being something that
    you aren’t. Being true to yourself is like standing on solid ground and
    who knows where you can go from there.?

  12. boom_sauce_XD says:

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!! X3 *fangirls
    and turns into fangirl rainbow riding a unicorn* :3?

  13. Nat Boredd says:

    Their hair is on point!?

  14. Skarlee Harlee says:

    they look like twins…..i hope this isnt incest O.o?

  15. TheRoninM says:

    i came out as bissexual but more into boys my mum acepted it well.. she
    says i should try girls 1st but she just wants my happyness i rly think
    every teen have the right to have the sexuaity they feel into and fack the
    society fack everything that threats u bad they are just jealous because u
    r happy or ur trying to be 🙂 love the brown hair guy to :P?

  16. Meulin Leijon says:

    i love this and the message in it but they need hair cuts?

  17. tailynne rush says:

    awwwwwww that’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3?

  18. Corina Monroe says:

    Fuck all the people who thought this video was bad i am proud to be gay?

  19. Amanda Arnett says:

    Ive seen this already, but still, its so beautiful~ <3 <3 <3?

  20. Harmeet Minhas says:

    Omg this is beautiful, i literally cried, no one should feel like they dont
    belong, be confident in who you are and i support you 110%?

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