Theme Hospital Windows 7 Installation Instructions

How to install Theme Hospital on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

HTC TOUCH PRO 2 on BOOST MOBILE NETWORK instructions Windows Phone

user guide and software**** which allows you to use an HTC Touch Pro 2 (Sprint version) on the BOOST MOBILE network Monthly Unlimited plan. HTC TP2 l…

28 Responses to “Theme Hospital Windows 7 Installation Instructions”

  1. Liam Tucker says:

    Thanks a lot man. Your tutorial sorted it out completely.?

  2. BenjoGames says:

    This does work in a sense however the graphics on my game are like all
    green and weird?

  3. Red Tape says:

    Incredibly laggy. Took me two minutes to build reception desk and a GP….
    Sweet fix but not good.?

  4. Shane Herring says:

    this works for me but the games colours are bad, all purple n dodgy even
    changing it to 256 colour mode…. sigh?

  5. ??????? ??????? says:

    DirectDraw_Compatibility_Tool FIX COLOR?

  6. Rachael Totty says:

    Thanks! ?

  7. MrMark8343 says:

    FIX = Tick out everything in the compatibility tab EXCEPT run this program
    as administrator and run this program in compatibility?

  8. syn5884 says:

    does anybody know how i could play this on windows 8, i bought the game and
    it doesnt work :S

  9. ReneeRejected says:

    hey, I did exactly what the video said but the people in the game lag heaps
    and it freezes quite a bit. Any ideas how I can fix this?

  10. Youth Salute says:

    I can’t get past level 2 either… does this dosbox work for fixing it???

  11. chinguyoo says:

    I loved this game. anyone have a URL for download this game ?

  12. TheMortified1 says:

    Thank you.

  13. jacouil56 says:

    How do we do to make us save correctly because it’s tired to start over
    alway :S 🙁

  14. Chlosman says:

    @TheAllegroMan Okay, I’ve installed it the way you said and then I changed
    it to 256 colours and it’s exactly the same. I don’t experience mouse lag
    but the colours are awful. I agree with onomix99, it doesn’t work with
    Windows 7.

  15. SM078 says:

    I would recommend everyone take a look at ‘corsix-th’. It’s a program which
    loads all of the original game files such as sounds and sprites but has a
    vastly improved game engine which runs great on Windows 7.

  16. Steveo291982 says:

    Runs perfect don’t even need disk and saves work perfect too thanks for
    your help

  17. ebonygaia says:

    This wont work for me, application closes. I even run in compatibility for
    windows 98 and everything else :/

  18. Dr2Dmonkey says:

    the graphics are still all funny please help!!!

  19. blanks99 says:

    question:do u need a existing boost phone/number b4 u unlock the phone or
    can i jus get the phone then set up a boost account because right now im
    phoneless and i would like to get this phone?

  20. Johnny Rocket says:

    I really want that phone would u sale it to me

  21. sturner698 says:

    I want to buy this uide but dont have paypal for Ebay… How can I get it???

  22. Joseph Gerald says:

    i would like the software could u e mail it to me?

  23. AP0media0saavy says:

    @MaryDevilman UR welcome! Sorry for the shaky vid – my camera was having a
    hard time focusing so I had to move it in and out. I’ll upload more to come
    for other HTC phones.

  24. blanks99 says:

    @AP0media0saavy thanks and jus buy ur guide after i get the c290…and i
    hath to buy the phone unlocked?

  25. Marie R. Mendevil says:

    finally u got it done! thanks for the guide – i had another guide but it
    was the old operating system 2009 – i like this one much better thanks! i
    love my HTC!

  26. AP0media0saavy says:

    @sturner698 you would need a paypal account. once you get a paypal account
    you can buy it directly from me, instead of opening an ebay account.

  27. AP0media0saavy says:

    BTW, I sell this software for $3.00 – that’s right! Unlike others that are
    charge $15 or so I think everyone should be able to afford hooking their
    phone up just right. Besides, HTC TP2s arent’ cheap. Pluse, I respond to
    emails and comments within 24 hours, unlike our competition whom takes up
    to a week to answer. Check out my ebay link for purchasing info in the
    description section- 100% guarantee.

  28. AP0media0saavy says:

    @endingpostal23 here you go

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