The story of Green and Black’s

The story of Green and Black’s

Kraft foods is a company based in the United States of America which manufactures Green and Black’s chocolates. The range of products made by the company include biscuits,ice creams,hot chocolate and bars of chocolate. Craig Sams and his wife Josephine Fairley(who wrote in London times as a columnist for environment) started Green and Black’s as a company in 1991. The company derives its name as specified:”Green’s” signifies that the founders of the company were concerned about the environment and “Black” stands for the chocolate they wished to make ( with higher content of cocoa solids). They wanted to make a dark brown colored chocolate(just next to black) which would be rich in texture. The biggest manufacturers of this company are based in Poland and Italy. The company specializes in organic chocolate. The organic cocoa is grown by the people of Belize and Dominican Republic out of which the chocolates are made. The company believes in manufacturing chocolate with utmost care to bring out the best chocolate flavor possible which may cost them extra care and time. Green and Black’s believe that every stage of cocoa processing is important starting from the harvesting of cocoa beans to making chocolates out of it. The Green and Black’s organic chocolates are available in various kinds of gift packaging for different occasions and also according to various age groups. They have some excellent packs made for occasions like wedding, Christmas and New Year. They offer the facility of shopping online and also provide doorstep delivery. They also offer customized packaging according to the buyer. The callebaut chocolate is sold as milk chocolate and dark chocolate with different variations in flavor. The gift wrapping done by Green and Black’s is also unique and very creative. Each chocolate bar is wrapped in a box with a ribbon tied on it. Green and Black’s also offers a recipe book for sale for making chocolate recipes and it also offers chocolate cooking gift hampers which make a wonderful gift. If a person buys chocolates from Green and Black’s he has choices of getting it delivered in hemp bag, a cardboard box or completely wrap a box of chocolates. Green and Black’s are also into corporate gifting. They offer handsome discounts on bulk orders and also take the responsibility to deliver and manage the entire process of delivering the gifts to the people. There are numerous flavors like mint, ginger, butterscotch, and milk, dark, creamy and many more to choose from. There are assortment packs designed by the company in which these chocolates are available in the market and also come along with a Green and Black’s greeting card which is environment friendly. Indeed, a chocolate company that is a class apart from others with complete professionalism in their area of expertise.

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