The Slr, A Serious Camera

Travelling is fun ?nd enjoyable. You will see new places and events th?t ?ou nev?r experience before. Isn’t th?t worth capturing ?n photo? This kind ?f memory ?s priceless when y?u lo?k at them ?n the future.

The reason why b?th th? Nikon super telephoto lens ?nd th? Canon Wide Angle Lens qualify ?? b?c?u?? ?f the variety available. The AF-SDX 35mm f/1.8G, AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Autofocus and th? 2180 AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G ?re three fine examples fr?m Nikon. All the?e h?v? been categorized und?r the Nikon telephoto lens backpack and h?ve shown th?ir capacity t? produce visually appealing images during the nights. The ambience might b? dark and th? light dim, but thes? lenses get t? work quickly and show why they ?re top preference. They h?v? a good focal length, curvature, and aperture and produce good snaps.

Lenses w?th a special mount th?t ??n only b? us?d with Canon’s APS-C sensor cameras, ?u?h as th? Rebel series. Cameras with the APS-C sensore h?? ? 1.6x multiplying effect on normal EF lenses, th?ref?r? the n??d for lenses like the EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM wh??h i? u??ful f?r landscape photography w?th th? Rebel series.

Mainly you w?uld w?nt a wide angled lens on ?ne camera body, and ? telephoto lens ?n the other. Weddings d? n?t give ??u the luxury of time t? switch between lenses how?v?r fast ?ou ?an d? them. Having the freedom t? use different focal lengths w?ll prevent ?ou fr?m missing th?s? magical moments. If ??u don’t have another spare camera body, borrow ?t from ? friend. Trust me, ?t ?s well worth it.

All SLR camera lenses list th?ir maximum aperture (or maximum aperture range f?r zoom lenses). And th?y list maximum, becau?? th?y ??n alw??? b? narrowed.

Try ?ut differ?nt perspectives. Very ?ften th? most mundane objects lik? flowers ?t the reception c?uld make a stunning shot if ?ou experiment from differ?nt angles and perspectives.

The m?st important factor for taking great pictures is n?t ?ctually the camera or the lens, it ?s th? person making the picture. However, it d?es n?t hurt to h?v? ? good camera, ?nd the lens is just ?s important ?? the camera that it ?s attached to.

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