The Power of Art – Bernini (complete episode)

The complete series: Perhaps the greatest sculptor of the 17th century and an outstanding architect as well. Bernini crea…

Art Class Oil Painting Demo Part 1 Crimson Roses - Muncie, Indiana

Art Class Oil Painting Demo Part 1 Crimson Roses by Bill Inman. Learn from impressionist Bill Inman as he demonstrates for his class how to breathe life into…
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31 Responses to “The Power of Art – Bernini (complete episode)”

  1. Andre R. Newcomb says:

    Spend all your time with a hammer & chisel . . . you’re GOING to be a
    little testy especially when you’re supposed to kiss mouthpieces’ butts as
    though all paths are equal and worthy. Just incredible the detail and
    sense for emotion.?

  2. your ego says:


  3. Lisa Matthews says:

    The Power of Art – Bernini Art upon the Earth, and God will Art in the
    Heavens, God: “Art-I-Must? we to must art ie power, each an evryone of

  4. Vivek Kilpadi says:


  5. mayailiana53 says:

    if Bernini was the rock star of the Renaissance…then Caravaggio was
    definitely the gangster rapper of that period lol?

  6. Rafael Maldonado says:

    Does anyone know what song is playing from 3:00-4:15??

  7. Vincent Lee says:

    How come the video ended mid-sentence? What happened after he created
    the ludovica albertoni??

  8. Ana Grig says:

    I thought i knew Bernini but i learned so much and in such a beautiful way
    with music and all. Thank you so much for posting.?

  9. Bill Flanigan says:

    240p? In a video about art? COME ON!?

  10. violentfille says:

    *papal wink* *papal nudge*
    I’m very interested in whoever writes this dialogue.?

  11. Ramezay1668 says:

    I think the term Baroque or Rococco (even though it’s certainly not within
    the time period of the Rococo per se) is pretty irrelevant when you are
    viewing this utter masterpiece by one of the most accomplished geniuses of
    marble which, conveys such an emotional outpouring. God Bless. ?

  12. RathomsBane says:

    I feel like if that church where his he had his biggest failure was
    replicated and built with a stronger material and foundation, those towers
    would be magnificent. I wonder what happened to the bell in the one tower??

  13. fesche von duvet says:

    What music is in 4:43??

  14. Zeno Siroli says:
  15. andybud1983 says:

    Rafael Maldonado The song is: Lamento della ninfa – “amor”, Dicea /Si Tra
    Sdegnosi Pianti.?

  16. Richard Stuttle says:

    A great and inspiring insight in to one of arts greatest… Bernini?

  17. Inna Levashova says:
  18. Sergio Malatesta says:

    A little bit of Art ?

  19. Nirvana Heldrich says:

    HI Bill,
    thank you for this great video, I also think that the music is terrible, it
    reminds me f telecom when you’re put on hold, please either turn it down or
    completely remove it.
    thank you?

  20. Marie Niehaus says:

    This was awesome! I found it so instructive and got so much out of it. I
    also just loved your composition and energetic brushwork style. Thank you!
    I will check out your page and see if you offer any e-critiques? ?

  21. Marsha Needham says:

    would watch it if you demonstrated how to do the flower.?

  22. Kirk Wickizer Art says:

    Very nice Bill, I have to loosen up with my strokes a bit.?

  23. Icoane Gabriela says:

    Cu ce amestecati culorile?White spirit 65-70%, 25-30%ulei?, 5-10%lac
    Dammar?Cand adaugati medium?Cred ca ar trebui sa ne scrieti pentru fiecare
    film cateva detalii:solventi, diluanti, medium, ulei….cantitati, retete,
    secretele dumneavoastra.multumim.?

  24. Mary Keaveny says:

    Wow. Your kind words are so appreciated. I learned a great deal and I
    even made progress. I am looking at the dark spaces carefully. thats’ key.
    You have been so generous. Breathing life into loose color has a melody
    all its own. thank you. mary?

  25. Wendy Wilson says:

    I really enjoyed this.. but the music… turn it down! or cut it all
    together. I was struggling to hear you. Other than that it was great! ?

  26. Jucimar nunes frade says:

    Amei, são lindos seus trabalhos. Congratulations, you are great!!!?

  27. Martin Aparicio says:

    love this and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I shall try to
    reciprocate in the near future.?

  28. David Vafi says:

    HI thank for sharing your talent please let me know what medium you use?

  29. Mary Keaveny says:

    gee it was wonderful watching you paint. i’ve been trying to paint roses
    for almost a year now. you helped a lot. I am going to keep trying. thank
    you. ?

  30. joy gilley says:

    I got so much info from this. You are a great teacher.?

  31. Martin Aparicio says:

    re medium, at about 1:25.23
    he’s the medium is walnut oil.?

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