The Plan – Award Winning Short Film – HVX200

A man quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and drives to Vegas to put all of his money on red. peer vote winner. High res version and more films …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “The Plan – Award Winning Short Film – HVX200”

  1. Mihai Midus says:

    *The Plan*
    *Now we’re even!*?

  2. .m. says:

    Bad plan?

  3. Christopher Richardson says:

    Nice piece ?

  4. Sandybell Ferrer says:

    The Plan – Award Winning Short Film – HVX200?

  5. Lexy Anderson says:

    I’d love to develop this into a feature length script! ?

  6. isaac desoto says:

    Let the games begin i really liked it.?

  7. Heidi V??ng says:
  8. edwin cunion says:

    the comments are fake . from youtube and facebook office?

  9. Patrick Palmer says:

    Awesome film.?

  10. sayanythingkid22 says:

    Nice, keep up the good work. I’ve been watching alot of short films lately
    this film is one of the better ones.?

  11. JCinemaFILMS says:

    Great!!! Please check out my new short film “Swings” on my channel.
    My first film!?

  12. iMusikkForeva says:

    Really good but I felt bad for Claudia….I mean she was just trying to
    help him by giving her best rational advice and it’s obvious that she loved
    him for asking him to come back home. ):?

  13. Norma Jean Clark says:

    Another great one by this film maker. A must see and share.?

  14. Anukriti Malik says:

    This is just soo good! great work dude! 🙂

  15. Madeline Dodd says:

    He was in L.A. going to Arizona, You will need gas sometime. gawd. -.-

  16. HELLOxURIAHHHH says:

    That was cute -3

  17. Norma Jean Clark says:

    Good dialogue. Good idea to have the scene in the truck stop; finding a new
    path to take. Like an archetype.

  18. Ally Vickers says:

    I liked that I thought it was really good

  19. Gonzalo Urbaneja says:

    Congratulations! From Argentina!

  20. ZombieRen says:

    I’m kinda surprised at some of the comments left, me thinks that some
    people are jealous? Anyway I think this is really interesting and the use
    of the different shots are really well put together, I love the black and
    white filter also really adds to the appeal, I can’t wait to see more 🙂

  21. annie k says:

    award winning my ass

  22. boraboy4ever says:

    Its not real life. Its a film people.

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