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Are you wastin’ away? Searching for your lost shaker of salt? Just barely hanging on, thanks to that frozen concoction? Then you are a margarita lover. And you probably have a favorite frozen margarita recipe. If not, ask around, do a little online research, and you will surely find one – or several – soon!

If you’re like me, adventurous and willing to try almost any recipe, then before long you will have made your home into your own frozen margarita paradise.  Why?  Because you’ll find a frozen margarita recipe for every taste – classic, exotic, down & dirty and ultra high end.

You’ll also discover some of the best frozen margarita supplies available – a best-of-the-best margarita machine, the best blenders for frozen drinks, an outstanding margarita mix, even your very own tiki hut bar — because it takes more than a frozen margarita recipe to make a great margarita. It takes a particular state of mind.

The Basics

Did you know that the margarita is the most popular cocktail in America? And that it was born, by most accounts, in the 1930s? And that it’s number one ingredient, tequila, is harvested mostly in a single area of Mexico?  You can do some research on that item, too, since there are a few different kinds of tequila that you might find interesting.

The traditional, tried and true frozen margarita recipe includes tequila, lime juice, triple sec, a glass with a salted rim and lots of ice! There are countless variations, of course – additional ingredients like pomegranate, raspberry and pineapple; lazy man’s versions that rely on limeade; and the laziest solution of all, incorporating one of the many outstanding margarita mixes available. The end result is always refreshing, addictive and delightfully mind-numbing.

The Frozen Part

Some prefer their margaritas straight up or on the rocks. But for those of us who enjoy that glorious brain freeze you only get from a great frozen margarita recipe, there will be ice and blending involved.

If you’ve never been able to create the perfect frozen margarita, it’s probably because of your blender. The quality of the blender or margarita machine makes all the difference, and the best frozen margarita recipe in all of Mexico will be a huge disappointment without a good one!

No one likes big chunks of ice in their drink, or a margarita that is not well blended and frapped. You only get perfection from a great margarita machine. So if you’re really into the frozen concoction, make sure you have a good one on hand. It will surely make a big difference in the quality of your beverage.

The Romance

Mexican beaches, marimbas and mariachis, sitting in the shade of an inviting palm tree or thatched tiki hut, sailing through blue water towards a deserted island. Or maybe just some Jimmy Buffett playing in the background. That’s the margarita. No other cocktail conjures up such visions of carefree fun and relaxation!

So sit back, relax, explore the recipes and frozen margarita machines – then fire up the blender and head for the beach or to your very own tiki hut bar!


Master of the Margarita – and all other frozen concoctions – Adam Gleason spent years testing, tasting and telling the world about the very best frozen margarita recipe, frozen margarita machine, margarita mix and all the various ways to make and enjoy the very best cold, refreshing cocktails. If you crave a perfect drink on the perfect beach or under your tiki hut bar in front of the perfect sunset, visit Adam’s site, Frozen Margarita Recipe Paradise.

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