The Love of My Life (2012) Short Film

Look out for our new short film AMBITION at A short film about a young couple that has a rare moment of love at firs…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “The Love of My Life (2012) Short Film”

  1. kt brown says:

    lol wait why does that restaurant located in a residential neighborhood?

  2. Chelle Farrell says:

    This movie had me the first 20 second. Short but nice.?

  3. Anthony Smith says:

    The one you all?

  4. Gorgeous Kel says:

    I really like this.?

  5. Niikk M says:

    Wasn’t that just the cutest thing :)?

  6. Jo G says:


  7. Brandi H says:

    I love this. <3?

  8. Wolf McBeatty says:

    The Dialog is too low…. some lighting issues…. but not terrible ?

  9. George Ward says:

    Good stuff….some rough edges but overall good stuff.?

  10. Lamont Summers says:

    not bad at all?

  11. Ricardo Martin says:

    Tf did I just watch???? ?????

  12. Tygar Barrett says:

    This was pretty good.?

  13. EllaBella NYC says:

    Mmm meh.?

  14. pipeslinga21 says:

    I absolutely hate it. Cute people, wack story.?

  15. frassnik says:

    what a pussy,..?

  16. Dupri227 says:


  17. Major Jay says:


  18. mlmtrain says:

    Sorry, stopped watching at 0:54?

  19. Odell Lock says:

    Really cool?

  20. m tyson says:

    Much Love, for this flick; The Realism is phenomenal!

  21. T Hayes says:

    I am glad for them?

  22. T Hayes says:

    communication is key?

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