The Friend Zone (a short film)

Russel is stuck in the friend zone with his female friend Jaz. After getting black-out drunk, he wakes up in an alternate reality where Jaz is suspiciously c…
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22 Responses to “The Friend Zone (a short film)”

  1. TdotSoul says:

    This is BS. If all a guy wanted was sex, he would keep moving on quickly
    once it became obvious it wasn’t happening. A male friend spends a lot of
    time and effort trying to make a girl happy. As much or more effort than
    the actual boyfriend.?

  2. komeon101 says:

    HA! barbie doll troll. epic?

  3. $XxSWGxX$ says:

    Dance skiilzzz bbggggvcccxfsqaud?

  4. zto101 says:

    For some reason the guy reminds me of McLovin?

  5. Mario Quesada says:

    My experience as the friend is that with all my patience I had with the
    girl, she got a boyfriend that told her to stop seeing me. So, it is not
    that what we want is just sex but we want to be with her as spontaneously
    and intimate as possible.
    It seems like girls are more controlled by her pussies in terms of their
    choices because most of them complain that their boyfriends are not that
    cool, comprehensive, attentive, generous and so on, because thy are not
    even friends.
    Everybody looses in here.
    Of course I’m committed to learn how to avoid the friend zone.?

  6. $XxSWGxX$ says:

    Boner 100000000000000000000000?

  7. Nice Loufoua says:

    People don’t *__* puppies ! XD?

  8. CareandCompassion says:

    I too, am a friendzone master. I have untold magical powers?

  9. panoshanos1 says:

    bitch the emotions of a friendzone is pretty much a relationship without
    the sex?

  10. Robin Wrecker says:

    7:53 thats all you need to know.?

  11. TheGoogler77 says:

    “I don’t have a vagina.”

    But she didn’t say she doesn’t have an anus.?

  12. Mustafa Mahmoud says:

    dood really shris hot
    hhhh nice short film?

  13. byebyegiomar says:

    Hot actress. Too bad she’s doesn’t have a vagina I was starting to like

  14. TheGoogler77 says:

    if a girl thought of me as a puppy, I would have told her “then you better
    be into bestiality…” ?

  15. Jay D says:

    Nice short film 🙂 You`ll love it :)?

  16. Patty Watchers says:

    If i suck dick i die is the best line

  17. Rob Robbins Reels says:

    sorry about that. won’t happen again

  18. nickc3838 says:

    hahaha Lmao! Great video!! xD

  19. Cesar Sosa says:

    Makes sense they were watching guy code haha I hope it was the friend zone

  20. Gregory Gonzales says:

    Hahahaha such good job editing Subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you
    fello film maker 🙂 im still laughing and the special effect in the
    begining was wonderful 🙂

  21. john mckoy says:

    And that my friend is how russel became a pornstar

  22. mbzdmvp says:

    funny but the sound balance is really annoying

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