The Elevator NIT Trichy ICE Short Film

The Elevator NIT Trichy ICE Short Film

“The Elevator” is a short film done by the students of NIT Trichy ICE Dept. 2017 batch.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

a film by “kokki Gopinath” This film is about a protogonist in pursuit of “GETHU”(showing off) under the guidance of 3 experts in his college. Cast :Arun Vig…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 Responses to “The Elevator NIT Trichy ICE Short Film”

  1. Ashish Tayal says:

    Good one people.!! Moved by the message. nice :)?

  2. Subramani Ethiraj says:

    Good social message i really liked it?

  3. jeet das says:

    Good Job Guys :)?

  4. Akshat Mehendale says:


  5. dinesh babu says:

    its actually a good effort guys 🙂 keep it up?

  6. viswapriya sankar says:
  7. Anees Abbas says:

    When is ur marriage Atlee??


    Good effort. Well taken credits to all. This motivated me to shoot a short
    film. Can you guide me the best site to get the situation music where i
    can download. Kindly advice?

  9. Arun Kumar P says:

    A reality in many colleges. A slice of college life. ?

  10. Aruna .R says:

    is this really taken by atlee?

  11. aravinda sudhan Kannan says:

    very worst movie…?

  12. Karthick Elangovan says:

    Atlee short film:

  13. Naga Rani says:

    hai, sir ennaku unkaloda raja rani film romba pidikum sir really very nice ?

  14. aravinda sudhan Kannan says:

    very worst movie…?

  15. ss rk says:

    is ts flm rly taken by atlee? indha pasangalae ippadi than?

  16. vijayakumar R says:

    Enna da padam edukiringa?

  17. R.Sekar, Erode says:

    tranformation of athisayalingam to atlee nice. casual acting by all.good
    entertainer .hats off vignesh?

  18. Abira Loganathan says:

    Good frnds… Hahah?

  19. praveen praveen says:


  20. Kishore Kannan says:

    super movie?

  21. Dino La says:


  22. Ruby Rupendar says:

    Sema padam ba!?

  23. Ravi Shankar says:

    mokka da saami?

  24. Vicky Vignesh says:

    super ?

  25. Kedibilla Killadiranga says:

    mass comedy…..?

  26. Balaji Manickavel says:

    Yeah Attlee in the character resembles Attlee director showin only scene
    good show guys keep Rockin ?

  27. harish harish says:

    Attli supper?

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