The crush short film 2010 (full movie of 15 min).flv

It was nominated in the OSCAR of 2011.It has been made by Irish Director.This video will change the understanding regarding the person who has crush on you &…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “The crush short film 2010 (full movie of 15 min).flv”

  1. Vrinda Malhotra says:

    Reveal, pretend, Love?

  2. Winduct says:

    I just can’t understand the boy’s name. Artle or something??

  3. Mad Life says:

    how is that … loot carefully at 11:35 , the gun hole.. how could it be
    that the ball came out of the small hole of the gun… maybe they were not
    aware of it… ?

  4. Cathy Fletcher says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: won an award, and you’ll like it.?

  5. Maimona Sema says:

    Great short film?

  6. Mr400v says:

    15 mins movie……….twist n turns……..?????

  7. HannahIsHuman says:

    This is so cute?

  8. Carolina Navarrete says:

    loved it (:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it Was almost make
    me cry ):?

  9. 7437Up says:

    LEGIT. Yet, it’s amazing how it got its Oscar’s, one of the reasons being,
    having a gun in a kid’s hands. :P?

  10. Luis Suarez Mayorga says:

    Maravillosooooooo! realmente hermoso!?

  11. Henry Treasure Steven says:


  12. bryce vinyard says:

    Kind of twisted, but I like it.?

  13. Jonny maloner says:

    Filmed in my town kid is in my school?

  14. Quentin McBullwinkle says:

    so shit?

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