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  1. Art of Manliness says:

    The Benefits of Cold Showers [VIDEO]

  2. Hugh G. Erichawn says:

    its harder to take a cold shower in the morning than the afternoon?

  3. islespatrick says:

    Took my first cold shower. I initially started out with a hot, then thought
    “what if I tried a cold shower”, and yes, they are effective. I feel
    awesome. ?

  4. Diran Puskul says:

    I usually take a hot shower then switch to cold at the end.?

  5. Rivers 94 says:

    I love cold showers, especially after a workout. ?

  6. MGTOW says:

    Cold showers will reduce the wrinkles on the skin and lessen the hair loss.?

  7. Ian Connel says:

    Manly or not, I’m going to scream my head off when I start this ritual.?

  8. weetoddtv says:

    Are we talking cold like ice cold or like room temperature water??

  9. Kombo Breaker says:

    So I could shoot a bigger load?? Cold showers for me!!?

  10. Skoomaholik says:

    How often do you suggest taking a cold shower? By the way, your mustache is
    the pinnacle of manliness. Sincerely, aspiring manly man.?

  11. Chad Lewis says:

    I’m not going to say cold showers were definitely the solution, but after
    three years of trying to conceive I started experimenting with natural ways
    to increase testosterone. Mostly this involved different workouts, a slight
    change in diet and cold showers. A few months later we found out we were
    pregnant, with identical twin boys 🙂

    Big thanks to Art of Manliness website for the posting about the benefits
    of cold showers a while back.?

  12. LuckyDog26M says:

    So cold showers are good an hour before bed but also act as a long lasting
    bursts of energy??

  13. Boat says:

    Hey stop jumping into iceholes! lol?

  14. Joseph Lightfoot says:

    Not to mention saving a bit of money for all the hot water you’re not using
    (ie Hot water tank is used less).?

  15. ChargedTTq says:

    So can I just replace my usual shower with a cold one?

    Will I still get clean? ?

  16. URBANKAMI says:

    I always took cold showers and never felt any change, until I saw this
    video and wore a hat, while showering. Now I feel like 500% manlier! Thanks!
    (Jokes aside, very informative video, keep up the good work!)?

  17. The Trammell says:

    I’m going to start that tomorrow I never really thought about it before
    Another great video!
    Thanks AOM!?

  18. handlemybiz says:

    I’ve been taking cold showers for a while now to get me ready for OCR’s and
    for recovery. Always have to take a deep breathe going in but they are
    beneficial. noticed the Spartan Shirt, AROO, AROO, AROO?

  19. TheWolFbZ says:

    Challenge Accepted?

  20. blkninja12 says:

    I read the article you had on your site and I got to trying it right away.
    Its fucking amazing in SO many ways, I shit you not! Being black and all
    I’ve always had problems ashy ass skin, and when finding out more benefits
    I followed through and I haven’t looked back and can’t go without one. I’ve
    gotten to having just straight cold showers, I always feel so rejuvinated?

  21. Dragutin Radonji? says:

    It’s James Bond style, can’t go wrong with that!
    Love the page and the idea, keep up the good work, man. Big up from Serbia!?

  22. Shawn Severinsen says:

    Tip: I found that jumping in head first is the way to go. I was never able
    to make much progress starting warm then dialing down. It may have to do
    with activation of the mammalian diving response as the cold water hits
    your face. I went from only doing 30 painful second of full cold to doing a
    regular 5 min shower. ?

  23. ApexPredator_ says:

    How cold should a cold shower go? o.o?

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