“The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” by @TheBushCenter

Learn More: http://www.bushcenter.org/special-exhibits/art-of-leadership The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy will explore the relationshi…
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35 Responses to ““The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” by @TheBushCenter”

  1. M Vassallo says:

    War Criminal?

  2. Hannah K says:

    How many people knew about this background story. It is not appropriate to
    quote him but he is a typical American from good family. And, the culture
    he cherishes leads to good diplomacy. Actually, there are stories of Japan.
    Actually, there is one thing I praise and I am quite impressed with his
    wisdom. I’m not going to say which part but I do not think many presidents
    would do the same or he would be the only Former President. This is a
    wonderful clip that Former President spoke about his work which was never
    covered by the media. At the very bottom line, he never misses the heart of
    friendly Texan!

    #georgewbush #deplomacy #foreignaffairs ?

  3. Waynev111 says:

    He should be prosecuted for war crimes! ?

  4. Dan Boehler says:

    @ klausmkl LOL, I know exactly what you mean, but with me it’s the exact

  5. klausmkl says:

    Everytime I think of how bad Barack Obama is I then think of the Bush
    father son team. Then Barack really is not that bad.?

  6. Volksmusiker89 says:

    Bush may not have been a good president, but he’s always been a good

  7. CrypticMind says:

    Say what you want about him but Bush was a strong leader, he’ll definitely
    be remembered for long after his time?

  8. Lisandro Perez says:

    You got to be trolling me right? hahahaha?

  9. dangervich says:

    He needs to start to add more space around the figures, situate them in
    space. But for a beginner, he’s got something. Mostly what he has is
    determination, objectivity and the humility to correct until the portrait
    holds together. It really calls the issue of talent into question. (I’ve
    been painting for 45 years and was educated in the art). Amazing for just a
    few years.?

  10. Paul William says:

    Painting by numbers.?

  11. cdw100 says:

    Thank you for being a good friend of Canada.?

  12. Anthony Taylor says:

    I wish I could meet him. He is so down to earth and loveable. God bless
    you Mr President.?

  13. Gonzalo Chumillas says:

    Mother of God!?

  14. James Spearman says:

    I must say that I am a man that’s very proud of this man, and what he has
    done for this country, and how his personal beliefs have uplifted many
    citizens of this nation, not anything like what we are experiencing today.
    As for as the few that has left negative comments about this good man. All
    I can say is that you don’t know what good is, and by the way you are
    greatly out numbered by the ones leaving deserving comments.?

  15. John Hill says:

    didn’t much care for him as a president. but jesus the man is likeable.?

  16. Roberto Alba-Bustamante says:

    Mr. Bush comes across like a very likeable man here. Very down to earth and
    genuine. Over the years I think I have come to be more forgiving of him. I
    appreciate his leadership during the tough times this country faced. As
    someone who did not vote for him, I feel differently about him now that I
    have seen him in a different setting. I think we will all come to
    appreciate him more as time passes.?

  17. levente varga says:

    President Bush God Bless you Mr P?

  18. Bikewithlove says:

    Nice to see you’re painting! And specifically painting portraits about your
    feelings for your friends. My art school financing can be attributed to
    your administration, thank you for that. Perhaps one day we’ll paint each
    other’s portrait :)?

  19. MultiGrandtheft says:

    Cool Guy ?

  20. Francisco d'Anconia says:

    “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” by @TheBushCenter?

  21. profMike54 says:

    Mazel Tov! inspiring as it is a creative way to show compassion in the
    world. all the best?

  22. Vera Narishkin says:

    This utter hypocrite and his ilk are sickening. As for his paintings, all
    they demonstrate is that he doesn’t have the first iota of talent. They are
    absolutely ghastly.?

  23. Hika Luchi says:

    Jordi City y Jordi Playa?

  24. muhamad enamenam says:

    Is this the best!!!

  25. ruddy hernandez says:

    Gracias me ayudo para la tarea de mi hijo..! Felicitaciones

  26. Toontin Tin says:

    good idea

  27. YoSoyRamfxD says:

    pavo ! el no murió,el que murió fue Rui Torres,el conductor anterior a este

  28. Elvis de castro Ferreira says:

    @Walther204 no endo nada

  29. nefret1243 says:

    quitaron a rui por su muerte y al cabezon porque los putitos productores
    dijieron de representar a la ecologio y a el resiclaje y quisieron poner
    una planta pero ¿que tiene que ver la ecologia con el arte¿

  30. valerie carmen martinez avalos says:

    que feo video me gusta mas el video del personaje emiliano

  31. Reubikensei 2 says:

    en el pelo del canezon dice sex y yo no lo creia

  32. Jose Armando rivera fuentes says:

    me gusto tu ciudad esta chida aber si me sale ami

  33. popoyloles says:

    Eres un cran dibujando adios makina

  34. wallawalla3528 says:

    i have no idea what he said but that was kinda cool

  35. Elvis de castro Ferreira says:

    no entendo nadas não entendo nada

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