The 15 Features of Your DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know The Top 15 Features of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know http://youtu….
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19 Responses to “The 15 Features of Your DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know”

  1. B and H says:

    VIDEO: The 15 Features of Your DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know!

  2. Kaspar Henmo says:

    Is there any point to using expo comp when shooting in manual? Thanks?

  3. janet hyatt says:

    Thank you for responding to my comment, I need to explain a bit more about
    my situation. From the time I turn the camera on it starts trying to focus
    and continues to do this until I turn it off or focus on something and hold
    the shutter button down. Is this normal for a sony a57 . Sometimes when I
    focus on something it refocuses and I can’t get the shot. Please help as I
    said I am a total beginner.?

  4. janet hyatt says:

    I am new to photography an absolute beginner. I have a sony a57 camera and
    it has auto focus. I have tried to get photos of subjects with blurred
    backgrounds, the camera is continuously refocusing. How can I stop this
    from happening??

  5. Deidra Gabriel says:

    this video was very informative! Thank You?

  6. Patrick Pray says:

    This is a great overview, thank you so much for sharing!?

  7. tamara p says:

    Excellent video..even helped me today. :)?

  8. Erik Wahlstrom says:

    Any video with this guy is an automatic skip. I’m not sure what luck was
    involved in him building a career, but he’s utterly insufferable.?

  9. xNADSx08 says:

    This is one of the most helpful videos I ever came across in regards to
    photography! Thank you so much Jeff. I can finally stop using my camera as
    an expensive point and shoot.?

  10. oasisisishorus says:

    The 15 Features of Photographer you should know – The 15 Features of Your
    DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know via Jeff Cable and B H Event
    Space. #JewishWeddings #photography?

  11. Henry Stradford says:

    The 15 Features of Your DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know ?

  12. Vincent Leverenz says:

    This video is a good use of an hour if you plan on doing any type of
    photographic work.?

  13. gasdive says:

    You can shoot the moon and sunsets in P or Av mode. Roll the dial around on
    the back and you can set plus or minus up to 3 stops. There’s not “no way”.
    If 3 stops isn’t enough you can use spot meter on the moon, AE lock and
    recompose. There’s lots of ways to shoot and stay on P, Av or Tv?

  14. Ella Heath says:

    I watched only 21 minutes and I learned so much. He goes fast so take

  15. Nityananda Mukherjee says:

    Most of the B&H’s Videos are quite informative!?

  16. Walsh Amite says:

    Why do video makers imagine Youtube viewers like incredibly loud irrelevant
    openings to clips? We’re often watcjing after dark and it’that din is a
    hell of a pain.?

  17. Fabian Schmidt says:

    Concerning that moon photo at around 7:00 – you don’t have to go into
    manual mode. If the camera makes the image too bright, I prefer to just
    drop the exposure compensation of the camera down a couple of stops and
    stay in aperture-priority mode instead of memorizing the shutter speed to
    experiment with it in manual mode.?

  18. George Macinski says:

    Sometimes, for you to highlight the beauty of one you have to pair it up
    with another subject.?

  19. Zoltán Magyar says:

    Az 7:34 you can just use spot metering. The Moon should be nicely exposed
    and the rest dark, just like on the picture with -1 or -1.5 stops down from
    matrix metering. Just correct me if Im wrong.?

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