Thailand Tsunami 2004

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  1. Joseph Friedman says:


  2. Derpy Hooves says:

    +Katie Simmons I Agree With you. Also I am not stating he Was “Suididing”
    But he might have no Family And wanted to die and see his family ;)?

  3. Marius Fauru says:

    How stupid can a person be ? you see it comming ! you know water vent away
    ! so its comming back ! and you still watch ! ? and wait for it ? even when
    they seen the big wave swaloing a ship ! they stand there ?! peple on beach
    kamikaze suiciders? WTF ? RUN STUPID ! ?

  4. Thomes Maisling says:

    Look at both sides of the coin here. If the water suddenly receded and
    you’d never seen anything like that before, I but you’d all stand there and
    stare wondering what the hell it is. It’s the most natural reaction. The
    main reason people know to run in this situation nowadays is because of
    this and the Japanese tsunami in 2011, yet 70% of the comments here seem to
    be calling these people dumb idiots for not running. Try and show a little
    understanding. Many of them paid the ultimate price, and you guys just
    arrogantly sit behind your PC insulting them and their familys. You can’t
    blame them for not knowing if they’ve never seen any such thing.?

  5. Bill Killernic says:

    How much mentally retarded could the one at 3:27 be? I mean omg… ?

  6. Corey Windom says:

    ok….this was a tragedy, so many people died but seriously, anybody that
    was killed on the beach does not deserve pity from anyone….You have to be
    a special kind of stupid to get killed by a MASSIVE wall of water that you
    stood there watching as it approached at 3:31 in the video…dumbass
    deserved it ?

  7. PupStarYT says:

    -Maybe the earthquake affected the water…


    Those were the parts I cracked up laughing?

  8. Kevin Button says:

    Thats why i live in canda?

  9. danny behm says:

    the guy in red pent is 100% dead. I’m really shocked, i was 10 when i saw
    this in the news and how ever i got the great idea to look it up on youtube
    again is not understandable, ill be sad and sorry for those people but i
    have to say that I see things that happen like this as a destiny. i mean we
    are destroying nature and she will give us the bill 10 times harder back
    till she finally killed everyone. it will be not take that long as we
    thought bc we getting more and more people and destroying her harder and
    harder. i guess it will only take 150-200 years and we all will die. since
    1975 we got 2 billion people more. 2050 we will be 11 billion and 2100 it
    will be 30 billion. the C02 will destroy the nature and the earth will get
    warmer and warmer and this like 6 times more then now and we are already on
    limit. the ice is already melting and new york, nether land and what ever
    will get down like atlantis. good job humans..?

  10. XxCaNaDaNuMeRo1xX says:

    “Huh. That’s strange! The tide has gone very quickly.. Oh look, a huge wave
    is coming toward us. Wonder what that is?” I know it’s a tragedy that
    happened there, but why do people not seem to compute danger when they see
    it. I wouldn’t humming and hawing, I’d be high tailing it out of there. ?

  11. Noname 123 says:

    Am I the only one who would have drop the camera and ran for high ground as
    soon as the water receded.. Cant understand the delay ?

  12. ??????? ??????? says:

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  13. felipegames12 says:

    “Cool, the sea receded…….must be normal around here.”
    5 mins later
    “Oh, look, the water is coming back……it’s a big wave, is it gonna hit
    the beach? Nah, let’s just stay here and wonder what is that big and fast
    wave capable of doing to us.”
    That guy that didn’t realize that the “big wave” was dangerous deserved to
    die…seriously, even if he didn’t know what a Tsunami was, it was common
    sense…..just look at the size of that shit and how fast it was.?

  14. Diana Bravestorm says:

    3:28 OMFG THAT KID!?

  15. BeloveTaeyeon says:

    Many people are ignorant about Tsunami until the 2004 Tsunami.

    Myself included.?

  16. Romario Gonsalves says:

    Tips for tsunami incoming..anytime you’re at a beach and you notice the
    water pulling off slightly but at quick intervals..just be prepared for
    anything..Trust me guys..We water incoming pulls all water together thats
    why the molecules are so far apart in water..then tend to pull against each
    other then they release at a sudden this case the tsunami hits?

  17. Riahisama says:

    3:28 R.I.P?

  18. Fish'n Jack says:

    Think ya might wanna run at 1:30?

  19. fresky74 says:

    My friend was here and she owes her life to a friendly truck driver who
    stopped to pick her up and took her to higher ground, he went back for more
    but she never saw him again :(?

  20. bella vestrup says:

    I feel mostly bad for all the animals who doesnt know whats going on!?

  21. RoboTekno says:

    How many movies, stories, historical facts, and other related disasters
    does it take for people to realize that a massive receding of the tide

    “Maybe the earthquake affected the water.”
    You think??

    “OOOHH, let’s pick shells and play in the new tide pools!”
    No, you’re about to have the worst day ever, possibly die, and maybe see
    someone die right in front of you… For the love of God, get the F**K away
    from the coast to higher ground! D-:?

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