Text Date (A Geeky Short Film)

A short film about an awkward romance. twitter: http://twitter.com/TEXTDATEFILM Send scripts and movie ideas to tacevents@yahoo.com.

14 Responses to “Text Date (A Geeky Short Film)”

  1. Tom Ligman says:

    What a weird date…?

  2. Rupesh Nandy says:

    Text Date
    A short film about an awkward romance.?

  3. Edwin Perello says:

    Funny, I’ve done this with my wife when we go out to dinner: “Text Date”?

  4. Norman Ford III says:

    The future of dating in America.?

  5. Alexey Shulga says:

    Text Date!?

  6. Diego Cevallos says:

    Text Date que buen video.?

  7. Jim Ollom says:

    Sadly, I can see this happening with many people.?

  8. mitchell jayden says:

    don’t make us wait to long. good stuff should keep coming..

  9. arkonomus says:

    Call of duty and halo posters on the same wall? This dude wins

  10. TorreyCrowe says:

    @underworld999 I love it!!!!! LOL

  11. hapykid33 says:

    @Styles373 cause it makes it THAT MUCH more awkward

  12. ChristinaHendo says:

    I want more!!

  13. phylomusic says:


  14. madhattens13 says:

    who sings the music in this video?

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