Teaching art or teaching to think like an artist? | Cindy Foley | TEDxColumbus

What is the purpose and value of Art education in the 21st Century? Foley makes the case the Art’s critical value is to develop learners that think like Artists which means learners who are…

11 Responses to “Teaching art or teaching to think like an artist? | Cindy Foley | TEDxColumbus”

  1. Rose Rau says:

    Thank you for your spin on how artists think and proceed through their
    creative process. I can’t help but approach any project the same way your
    husband does…with seemingly insane research and obsession. Now I know
    that this is not a defect of my character but my artistic mind.?

  2. Michelle Goulet says:

    We really do research EVERYTHING?

  3. Ted Mallory says:

    Curiosity & Conceptualization:
    1) Comfort with ambiguity
    2) Idea generation
    3) Transdisciplinary research?

  4. Natalie McKalip says:

    This video make me feel appreciated as an art educator and a creative
    supporter to “IDEAS”! ?

  5. Shana R. Goetsch says:

  6. Shawn Likley says:

    Art education is of critical importance in stimulating minds into research,
    creativity and innovative thoughts that lead to a well lived life beyond
    school. #greatTEDx ?

  7. Windy Savarese says:

    Teaching Art and how to think like an artist?

  8. Dawn Norris says:

    I have been examining my own art teaching practices and I would like to
    move to this more creative approach to teaching. Thanks for this great

  9. Jennie Hewitt says:
  10. ThreeNickels says:

    Project Zero has a great outline for objectives?

  11. adam Sterrett says:

    I’ve always told my students, that in order to be successful in my class,
    they must be successful in all of their other classes. And that all of the
    information learned in their Core classes is needed to really be good in
    creating art. I completely agree with this Talk. Great Job!?

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