Taylor Swift on her Style Icons and Biggest Fashion Regret – Breakfast with Bevan – Teen Vogue

When you’re a megastar like Taylor, you don’t always have time for a sit-down meal. In this special edition of Teen Vogue’s Breakfast with Bevan, style featu…

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30 Responses to “Taylor Swift on her Style Icons and Biggest Fashion Regret – Breakfast with Bevan – Teen Vogue”

  1. Sergio Rodriguez says:

    She acts like a little girl when she says STOP!!! to a harmless little be

  2. Riya Deborah says:

    Taylor looks #awesome in the video. Her style is amazing. Could you please
    interview or have breakfast with Rita Ora? ?

  3. Agnes Victoria says:

    The thing I like about Taylor is that she never changed. Through all these
    years, she’s still the same fun loving person and I honestly stil like her.
    She’s so cute!?

  4. Demi Lovato says:

    Taylor, ow you gonna tell him to talk to you about boy problems when you
    had 23 boyfriends lasted about 3 months and that day wrote a song about it?

  5. Sean Leamen says:

    OMG i loved this ! 🙂 ?

  6. Nikkib700 says:

    Most amazing KED interview ever. Especially her reaction on the loud
    screams and the bee. Omg I laughed so hard at every single subject except
    one. She’s amazing and always will be.

    The most sad moment though was when he asked what she thought was the
    biggest misconception of her. And she said ”That I date everyone I go to
    lunch with, and that I fall in love with everyone I date.”
    She didn’t show an emotion when she said that. But it’s still sad that
    that’s her life, and that that’s what people think about her. And that
    that’s happening to HER, and to no one else who has been dating much more
    people in much less time.

    I’ll stand by you forever and always Taylor. Love N.?

  7. Andrew Taylor says:

    #SomeonePleaseTeachTaylorSwiftHowToUseHashtags ?

  8. Brad E says:

    Taylor is so perfect! I wonder what she’s like when no one is around. Or if
    she’s totally different around close friends, maybe she secretly cusses
    like a drunk sailor. Lol

    Taylor is amazing!?

  9. Erica says:

    Love her so much!?

  10. Catherine Greene says:

    I loveeee her dress here so much?

  11. Stars Shine Darkly says:


  12. Ola Khalil says:

    shes such a sweetheart :)?

  13. xLing93 says:

    ‘I put spaces in it.. so it was ony ‘#what’ LOOOL
    Love the humor of Taylor?

  14. isabella ma says:
  15. howtomen says:

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