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Photoshop: How to Transform PHOTOS into Gorgeous, Pencil DRAWINGS

Photoshop: How to Transform PHOTOS into Gorgeous, Pencil DRAWINGS

Photoshop CS6 tutorial showing how to transform photos into subtle, gorgeous pencil drawings. My website!: Check out my tutorials on Skillfeed!: https://www.skil…

Digital Transform

Digital Transform

Download Link: Resolution: 1920×1080; 29,97 FPS The project includes: Video Manual, Sound Effects. REQUIRES plug-ins: Trapcode Form and Optical Flares Quickly and easily…
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Link this AE project file here: After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC compatible Full HD (1920×1080) resolution…
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How to transform an element in Adobe Photoshop – Absolute Beginner’s Guide

A very basic instructional on transforming objects in Photoshop!
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A basic overview of the adobe bridge CS3 layout.

How to Transform Your apple iphone App Icons Without the need of Jailbreaking

Article by jordin

We Apple customers are picky about our aesthetics. A number of us make an effort to pretend that we aren’t, but we’re. Details like application icons matter to us. Apple doesn’t make it simple to customize your iPhone’s search with a process mod level, but luckily you’ll find even now jailbreak-free hacks out there to taunt Apple’s have to have for aesthetic handle.

I’m going to walk you by means of how you can manually change application icons on your iphone without the need of jailbreaking. You’ll find a number of reasons you might want to modify an application icon; you assume the developer’s image is unsightly, you would like a retina display-compatible symbol, or you just want to mess with your buddy even though he’s away from his mobile phone. Here’s how you do it:

Move 1: Download iphone Explorer (OS X or Windows)

Phase 2: Plug inside your apple iphone more than USB and open apple iphone Explorer. Navigate to the app you wish to modify, “Phone/Apps/AppName/”

Step 3: If you’re making use of a retina screen unit, drag the “icon@2x.png” to a folder inside Finder for safekeeping. If you’re over a 3GS, 3G or old iPod contact, drag the “icon.png” to Finder to get a backup.

Stage 4: Discover the substitution image you want to work with and title it exactly “icon@2x.png” for your retina display or “icon.png” for old products (case-sensitive). The file have to be a.png file along with the measurement have to be 114114 for retina show and 57?57 for older gadgets. The image need to also be 72 PPI without transparency and no levels. If you are making use of an symbol from a designer’s symbol container, you shouldn’t should concern yourself with PPI or the transparency and levels.

Action five: Delete the default symbol and drag your substitute icon to your aforementioned app folder in iphone Explorer.

Stage six: Reboot your iphone.

You should now have your changed image. If you utilize a square image, iOS will automatically round the corners to generate the image seem uniform on the relaxation of your homescreen. If you desire to create a retina exhibit icon for an application that hasn’t been updated yet, 114?114 will be the resolution to work with.

Do not concern yourself with bricking your phone. You don’t have root access for your device, so, you cannot make any modifications to critical elements of iOS. Just make certain to retain a backup of one’s app’s unique image in situation you ever wish to swap back.

I experimented with this process by replacing the default Twitter image together with the Tweetie 2 apple iphone symbol from Matthew Rex. I use CandyBar on OS X to deal with my icons. I exported the image I wished on the correct decision by way of CandyBar.

What app icons will you be shifting?

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Jay Hind! - Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 13 : Sporting Encounters

This episode is dedicated to the demented Indian Sports Fans. Fans who love only cricket and can see nothing beyond. Oh no, of course not. They do watch other sports – like they watch Sania Mirza. 🙂 Sumeet investigates the sporting icons of India and especially our cricketers and Sania – a hilarious, mindbending look at the Indian sports scene.

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Learning Photoshop – Transform you Old, Worn out Photos in Minutes with Adobe Photoshop

Learning Photoshop – Transform you Old, Worn out Photos in Minutes with Adobe Photoshop

Do you have old photographs that are faded, worn out, crinkled or even torn? Of course you do, everyone does. Many of these photos are likely very old family photographs that are simply irreplaceable should something happen to them.

In the past it was very expensive and time consuming to have old damaged photographed restored. It usually required a photo restoration expert and sometimes the results were not really that great.

Digital imaging, and more specifically Adobe Photoshop, has revolutionized the process of renewing and restoring old photographs.

It is amazing the results you can achieve with Photoshop. Old and damaged, even torn, photographs can be restored and renewed to their original colors and vitality using the tools available in Photoshop.

Adobes Photoshop is the number one choice digital photo editing software application among todays professional photographers, graphic artists and web designers.

It is not only the best but easier to work with than you might think. Many shy away from Photoshop because there are intimidated by the complexity.


With the help of a good Photoshop tutorial you can begin to learn Photoshop within minutes and be on your way to restoring those old photographs and preserving your familys memories for year to come.

There are less expensive digital editing applications but the problem is that they often have very limited capabilities when it comes to doing high quality digital photo restoration.

Those cheaper digital photo software packages often utilize a one size fits all approach to photo restoration and they just dont have the functions to deal with all of the types of damage you may encounter in renewing your old photos.

The other benefit of using Photoshop to fix your old photographs it that you can work in layers.

The layers function ensures that you wont waste an hours work with one little mistake. As you work your photograph you can save each new change as a new layer. If you mess up simply delete that layer and try again.

Photo restoration requires patience and attention to detail. Only Adobe Photoshop has the tools to do a quality job restoring your old photographs.

Click Here To Master Adobe Photoshop In Just 2 Hours With David Peters Photoshop CS4 Video Tutorials – Guaranteed (Even If You’re A Total Newbie)

Did you like this article? Curious about learning photoshop fast? Well now you can started what are you waiting for?

Sign up for free photoshop e-course

Started out in design and then moved into digital photography. I have worked for Adobe in the Photoshop department and now create on line tutorials to help users understand this very seemingly complicated piece of software.

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Transform You Old, Worn Out Images In Minutes With Adobe Photoshop

Transform You Old, Worn Out Images In Minutes With Adobe Photoshop

Do you will have outdated photographs which can be pale, worn out, crinkled and even torn? Of course you do, everybody does. Many of those images are probably very old family pictures which are simply irreplaceable should something happen to them. Up to now it was very costly and time consuming to have outdated damaged photographed restored. It often required a photo restoration expert and generally the results had been not likely that great. +

Digital imaging, and more specifically Adobe Photoshop, has revolutionized the method of renewing and restoring old photographs. It is superb the outcomes you can achieve with Photoshop. Old and broken, even torn, pictures will be restored and renewed to their authentic colors and vitality using the tools available in Photoshop.

Adobe’s Photoshop is the number one alternative digital photo modifying software software amongst today’s professional photographers, graphic artists and net designers. It’s not solely the perfect however easier to work with than you may think. Many shrink back from Photoshop as a result of there are intimidated by the complexity. With the assistance of a great Photoshop tutorial you can start to be taught Photoshop within minutes and be in your technique to restoring those outdated pictures and preserving your family’s recollections for 12 months to come.

There are inexpensive digital enhancing applications but the problem is that they often have very limited capabilities in terms of doing top quality digital photograph restoration. These cheaper digital photograph software packages often utilize an one dimension matches all strategy to photograph restoration and they just don’t have the features to cope with all of the kinds of harm it’s possible you’ll encounter in renewing your previous photos.

The opposite good thing about using Photoshop to repair your previous images it you could work in layers. The layers perform ensures that you won’t waste an hours work with one little mistake. As you work your photograph it can save you each new change as a brand new layer. When you mess up merely delete that layer and take a look at again. Photograph restoration requires persistence and attention to detail. Only Adobe Photoshop has the instruments to do a top quality job restoring your outdated photographs. Learn Photoshop now and start bringing these outdated pictures to new life.

Transportation administration software program is a broad term. Large shippers and carriers started creating transportation management software in the 1960’s when mainframe computers became more extensively accessible and affordable. Large LTL carriers corresponding to Roadway Categorical and Purple Ball have been pioneers in the field. It’s a little known indisputable fact that the freight trade created E.D.I. (digital data interchange) throughout this time frame. Early transportation management software was customized constructed and run on company mainframes at the large carriers and shippers. As with so many other fields, transportation administration software program for small or medium sized companies didn’t begin to materialize till after the introduction of the I.B.M. personal pc in 1980. Transportation administration software may be as simple as software program used to calculate level-to-point mileage or advanced sufficient to manage just about all shipping features of a service, dealer or shipper.


Fashionable transportation management software program has standardized into basic purposeful groups primarily based on the wants of shippers and carriers/brokers. Much of the out there transportation management software program is offered with these capabilities as modules that may be bought separately. Which modules are purchased is often driven by the size of the corporate in search of the transportation administration software.

Transportation administration software program as utilized to shippers can be a part of the much bigger discipline of provide chain administration or extra narrowly targeted on provide chain execution. Supply chain administration might be outlined as the application of knowledge technology to economic order amount theory. It encompasses nearly each perform inside a company that offers in tangible merchandise and is often finest preceded by ERP. Enterprise Useful resource Planning is the company getting its information house in order. It may then think in an extra targeted manner about supply chain management and execution.

Transportation management software program because it applies to shippers is most often associated with provide chain execution. The main practical groups here are the preparation of products for shipment and the effective administration of transportation vendors. The preparation of goods for cargo is a perform of warehouse administration software. The warehouse must inventory the merchandise that can later be shipped, pick the products which have been ordered and package deal or unitize these merchandise for shipment.

Management of transportation distributors is a crucial function of provide chain execution software. Shippers normally need quite a few distributors to cover their territory or discover it useful to have vendors competing for business. Vendor administration software uses goal measures to point out the perfect vendor for any given cargo based on value and service accomplishment. The very best supply chain execution software permits for effective communication with distributors throughout the shipping process.

Transportation administration software program as it applies to trucking or dealer corporations has standardized into three primary purposeful teams; dispatch operations, gear management and accounting. Much of the out there trucking software program is offered with these features as modules that can be purchased separately. Which modules are purchased is usually driven by the scale of the provider or broker on the lookout for the trucking software. Very small carriers and brokers can handle dispatch and or tools on paper. Accounting functions at this level are properly served by software packages reminiscent of QuickBooks or Peachtree. Carriers that develop past 10 so vans and brokers with 20+ loads per month or can often begin to see the value of getting one or more of the transportation management software modules.

Transportation administration software program designed for the accounting features is the least probably of three to be supplied as a stand-alone product since it relies upon upon the others for data. Payroll features might be derived from dispatch operations data reminiscent of which driver went where. Invoicing and receivables are also derived from dispatch operations knowledge as by which buyer sent what where. Tools expenses are derived from gear administration functions. Transportation administration software program designed to integrate with the over the counter accounting packages reminiscent of QuickBooks can ease the transition for a lot of small carriers and brokers.

Tools management functions of transportation administration software program revolve around gasoline and upkeep costs. Fuel, tires, periodic upkeep, and repairs are all essential costs to be managed by every trucking company. This sort of software can get very complex but is important to bigger carriers and is usually a good value to smaller companies. The supply of gasoline value data on the web has given carriers a new instrument to handle these costs as in the place and when and how much gasoline to buy. Transportation brokers would not have these concerns.

Transportation management

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Deep 360 hair waves

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Transform Hair Styles with Cheap Clip On Hair Extensions

Transform Hair Styles with Cheap Clip On Hair Extensions


Over the last 10 years hair extensions have become very popular. Many celebrities are using hair extensions to change their hair instantly. Now they are so popular everyone is wearing hair extensions.

What are hair extensions? Read on to find out what all the buzz is about!

What are Hair Extensions?

A couple types of hair extensions are natural or human hair or synthetic. Natural hair extensions are considerably more expensive. The advantages with these is that they can be colored, curled, set, or treated. Applying natural hair extensions should be done by a licensed cosmetologist. They can be weaved or glued onto one’s hair. You could easily spend up to ,000 on this type of extension. Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive but you cannot use a hair dryer on them, set them or color them. They are attached with a small clip. They can be put in and out in an instant.

Why should I get a Hair Extension?

There are so many hair styles today! Hair cuts make it easy to get short hair styles. What if you get tired of your short hair? Imagine changing your hair style completely in the matter. Do you have short, thin, straight hair? Have you always wanted long, thick, healthy hair? With hair extensions this is possible. You can go from straight to curly in an instant. Maybe you have naturally curly hair and would love to have long, smooth, shinny, straight hair. Transform your short hair styles into medium hair styles daily. You can change your hair for your every mood and trendy style.

To find out what kind of hair extension you should get first determine what you can afford. Due to the tough economy many people are on a tight budget. The cheap synthetic clip on hair extension might be what you are looking for.

Where can I find an Affordable Hair Extension?

Many department stores carry hair extensions. Not many people know that AVON also sells cheap but quality Toni Brattin hair extensions. Toni Brattin has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is a leading creator of hair accessories for women seeking to transform her look. She has created a hair accessory line that is affordable and comfortable.

AVON’S Toni Brattin hair extensions will work on any type or length of hair. Each piece blends up to 15 different color tones for a natural-looking match to your own hair. The possibilities are endless! No need to curl or shape these hair pieces. The curls

6 Styles, 6 Shades, Endless Possibilties

Toni Fab & Full Extension-Curls

Six colors to choose from: light blonde, medium blonde, dark blonde, light brown, medium brown, and black

Transform your short hair style! Get length and volume instantly. 15″ long clip-in comb clip attachment.

Toni Fab & Full Extension-Straight

Wear with short hair for length and long hair for additional volume.

1. Clip-up
2. Clip-in
3. Let loose and Enjoy!!!

Toni Fabulous Pouf

Go from dull to SUPER volume! The Fabulous Pouf works well with short, long, curly and straight hair! Wear loosely or smooth, or flip for extra volume and layers! 4″-6 1/2″ L clip-on Ideal for thin, fine or short hair. Petite claw clip attachment.

Toni Ponytail-Curls


Go from straight to curly! Wear the Curly Ponytail with straight and curly styles, with short or long hair! Attach high for updoes, low for a casual look or flip the clip for a easy pony! 10″ L reversible clip-on ponytail. maintain shape with memory curl. Claw clip attachment. Wear high or low.

Toni Ponytail-Straight

Go from short to long and beautiful! The Straight Ponytail works with short or long hair of any type! Wear as a ponytail or flip the clip for a long layered look! 12″ reversible clip-on ponytail! Claw clip attachment. Wear high or low.

Toni-Twist & Fix


Go from flat to volume! Wear the Twist & Fix with any length of hair! Can be worn high, low or pull through your ponytail! 3 1/2″ L accessory for bouncy ponytail. Elastic band attachment.

Mom of 3, Wife, Christian, Independent Avon Sales Representative, Unit Leader, Loves to help people!

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Transform your ordinary designs into highly proficient ones with PSD to Xhtml developers

HTML is the condensed form of hyper text mark up language. This is the elementary language in which web pages or websites are written. The significant components of this language are the tags and the angle brackets. In addition to the tags and the bracket coding, this mark up language can also be embedded with web scripts like java scripts etc. This language was formulated by Tim Berners Lee in the early 1990’s. HTML was the central language and probably the only language for designing web pages or websites, until the introduction of the Xhtml language. Xhtml was formulated by the web experts to sort out the troubles of file conversions that were faced in the switch over of the formats from PSD to HTML. Xhtml made the process of conversion of one file format to the other much easier and simplified.


Xhtml is an extension to the HTML language and it stands for extensible hyper text mark up language. The file extension of such files is. Xth or. Xhtml. The language was devised to increase the interoperateabilty with other file formats since earlier it was not possible to transfer the graphics or images designed on the Photoshop software to the HTML language. PSD is the file extension name to all the Photoshop documents or files. Photoshop is a graphics and image editing based software. But with the arrival of the Xhtml language all the conversions from PSD to Xhtml are now possible and that too without any distortion and blurring of the graphics.


Thus, if you are also jammed with problems in these file format transformation processes then you need not to worry. There are many web development companies that will help you get rid of all these problems. One can easily find information about these companies through internet as well. What you need to do is surf all the search engines on the internet and you will find the details of all the companies that will help alter your normal designs to highly proficient and search engine friendly designs. These companies have highly skilled professional teams of PSD to Xhtml developers, who provide immediate and expert guidance to all the customers. Besides, these alteration processes, these companies also endow the clients with other facilities like content writing, web development and SEO services. is one such reputed name when it comes to the web exchange processes. They offer total web solutions and transform the client’s designs at really affordable prices. Moreover, they even grant money back guarantee on all their services as well.

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