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Vector Drawing with Illustrator: Easier Than You Think and max tutorial

Using vector graphics can be one of the most exciting, creative, and distinctive ways to create digital artwork. For years, I’ve taught students who are migrating from bitmap illustration how to use vectors. This article will give you a quick glimpse into the logic and techniques of vector artwork,max tutorial but you’ll need to open Illustrator and do some experimenting if you really want to learn how to work with vectors.
Vector Artwork: Cool But Challenging

Because vector artwork is generally scalable, the same file that’s used for a tiny icon can be used on a billboard—with no degradation in quality and no increase in file size. Like the SWF (“swiff”) files produced by Flash or Adobe Illustrator, vector artwork is sizable online; viewers can zoom in or out without distortion. And because of the way in which computers manage vectors, you can manipulate vectors easily, with dramatic effect. For example, in Illustrator you can take a single path connected by two anchors, spin it, and produce a 3-D object.

If vector artwork is so great, why isn’t everyone using it? The main reason that vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator is intimidating and off-putting is that most artists aren’t used to thinking and working in vectors. When you create artwork using bitmap (non-vector) illustration programs such as Photoshop, it’s much like daubing paint on a canvas. Photoshop creates and edits dots or bits, which are mapped by a computer program.

By contrast, Illustrator and other vectormax tutorial graphics programs define paths between anchors. The anchor points that you define form the heart of your vector artwork. The paths that connect those vectors are actually controlled by attributes of the anchors.

In Illustrator, often things that seem basic are very difficult to do, while things that seem complex are fairly simple. For example, generating a bell from a curve by using Illustrator’s 3-D rotation effect (see max tutorial) is a pretty simple matter of clicking options in dialog boxes. Drawing that simple-looking curve is the trickier part of the process. For this article, let’s focus on that trickier part—drawing curves.
Figure 1

Figure 1 Applying 3-D effects to a vector object.

You’ve probably been creating bitmap art for years, or even decades. David Karlins thinks it’s about time you investigated the possibilities of creating vector drawings. The concepts and terminology are a bit less like working with paint on canvas – but the technology is a lot more powerful.

this site has information about max tutorial and much more

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Blue Star Wine Bar: So You Think You Can Sing Benefit Contest-Week 2, Part1

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Only Drinks

What do you think of this short film?

Question by theshaz: What do you think of this short film?
I am a so called wannabe Malaysian filmmaker. I shot this for a short film competition even though technically its DV. Didn’t win anything though, and being the sore loser that I am I have a couple of theories why. Well anyway lemme know what you think.

Best answer:

Answer by Steve T
Hey There,

First off congrats on completing your short! That’s the hardest part now take your experiences and create another one.

The things I can suggest for this film is that you need to tighten it up overall. Try speeding up your editing, you need to fix the sound in parts and you’re not paying enough attention to lighting and framing.

That being said, you or your writer is funny, just don’t forget about the audience. Remember each scene needs to contribute something to the overall story.If a scene isn’t doing this, cut it. The biggest problem is that it takes too long to find out what the deal is with the killer in the parking lot.

Let me recommend a few books to read that could help you with your next one.

1. From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film by Dov S S Simens

2. Story by Robert McKee

3. Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434: The Industry’s Premier Teacher Reveals the Secrets of the Successful Screenplay by Lew Hunter.

Good Luck!

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How to Speak English Well … It’s *NOT* what you think =)

How to Speak English Well ... It's *NOT* what you think =)

Speak English well. So many people seem to have trouble speaking English, don’t they? This lesson will make it easier. Speak confidently? Join the DE newslet…


Do you think waitresses make more than you can in a receptionist position?

Question by star: Do you think waitresses make more than you can in a receptionist position?
Because they get tips… what are some good weekend jobs in dallas?

Best answer:

Answer by Dennis M
A good waitress will bring in a lot more than most any receptionist.

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FM Dallas

Do you think it’s mean to laugh when a random guy tries asking you for your number?

Question by Me Enamora: Do you think it’s mean to laugh when a random guy tries asking you for your number?
I laugh because of the way they try asking for your number.
I don’t do it on purpose. You see I laugh at stupid stuff lol. I actually turn red because I feel bad and am sort of embarassed. I just can’t help it, though.
No, but some guys try asking for your number or for a date in the dumbest ways it’s hard not to laugh.

Best answer:

Answer by Jackie
“Random” guys, yes i do. I mean completely random, not someone i have been talking to for a couple hours.

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Amazing Videos

What do you think of my first art video on youtube?

Question by : What do you think of my first art video on youtube?
this is my first video tutorial on how to draw tribal art, plz let me know what you think and rate and comment on vid if you want to.

Best answer:

Answer by Puma417
The only thing I would change is how fast the words scroll across the screen. They were pretty fast and made me feel kinda sick lol

But otherwise I thought it was good.
Good job on speeding things up so it didn’t take decades 😉

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What do you think a diary entry from a Jew in a ghetto would sound like?

Question by : What do you think a diary entry from a Jew in a ghetto would sound like?
I’m interested in history and would like to know, in your opinion, what you think a diary entry from a Jew in a ghetto in the war would sound like. Use your creative writing skills!

Best answer:

Answer by faith

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