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Photoshop CS5 – How to make your photos stunning in 3 easy steps in photoshop cs5 – In this Adobe Photoshop CS5 video tutorial I show you how to edit your images to make them look stunning in 3 easy steps. This tutorial also works in photoshop cs4 Don’t…

Video aula Photoshop CS5 - Cartão de visita (business card) (HD) Arte Pirata:…
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Stunning Work Of Art Or Photo?

Can you guess which of these is NOT a photo? Share on Facebook :: Share on Twitter :: Music by Eldienne Product…
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Adobe MAX: Making Movement Creating and Editing Stunning Videos Easily in Photoshop

Discover how you can use Adobe Photoshop to easily create polished videos from your DSLR video footage and stills. Watch as Adobe Digital Imaging Evangelist …
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Drawing a Running Wolf in Photoshop

Link to finished: Art is mine. Music: Paradise Oskar “Da Da Dam”…

Free Printable Scrapbooking Page Kits – Make Stunning Scrapbooks Easily

Free Printable Scrapbooking Page Kits – Make Stunning Scrapbooks Easily


Digital scrapbooking page kits can really simplify the process of making a scrapbook. Not only do they simplify the process but you can also get free digital scrapbooking page kits and save a lot of time and money when making your scrapbooks. These kits allow you to create high quality scrapbooks. A number of websites provide sampler kits for free and are well worth taking a look at.

If you are just starting out then using free digital scrapbooking page kits will get going quickly. Instead of spending your time developing your own pages you can use these kits and get your scrapbook project completed fairly quickly and it will look fantastic!

In the free kits you will get the designed backgrounds, frames, titles and possibly stickers. These will already be placed for you. This means you don’t need to spend your time preparing each element that you plan to use. You will just need to put your pictures onto these pages. Once you have placed your picture then you should add some text as to what the picture is about. This is called journaling.


Don’t forget to add journaling to each of your scrapbooks. When you create a scrapbook you are trying to tell a story. The pictures are just one part of that. The journaling, title and captions lend context to your pictures and complete the story. I have scrapbooks from my grandparents and since they didn’t do a lot of captions I unfortunately don’t know who is in a number of the pictures. Don’t let his happen to you.

In order to use your kits you’ll need the following:

Photo editor. You can use Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop Elements (regular Photoshop is quite expensive). If you don’t have these and don’t want to spend money on a photo editor then you can find a free digital editor at my website.

Digital scrapbooking page kit

Quality printer

Digital camera

Scanner (if you want to work with older pictures)


Free digital scrapbooking page kits can definitely make the experience of creating a scrapbook much less stressful, especially if you are just beginning to scrapbook. Happy scrapbooking.

Learn more about free digital scrap booking page kits at my site Free Digital Scrapbooking Page Kits

Erik Birkeland writes on business and family related issues.

To read more about scrapbooking and how to enhance your experience with it then visit Free Printable Scrapbooking

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Get Stunning Wristbands and Rubber Bracelets Custom Through 24hourswristbands

Today, everyone is the follower of fashion. The latest trend of wristbands is getting high attention among kids and youths. You can easily find people wearing trendy wristbands and bracelets on their wrist with engraved messages. The colors of wristbands are very tempting. Now-a-days, it falls in the category of coolest accessory.

Are you searching an online store that sells exclusive wristband? If yes, then you are at the right place! There is one recommendable name available which can dazzle you with its colorful, stylish, quality and classy products. 

24HourWristbands is a company that is famous for its endless collection and quality products. This company offers huge variety of products including rubber bracelets custom, custom lanyards, wristbands, ink injected wristbands, debossed silicone wristbands, 2layer color coat wristbands and tyvek wristbands for the promotional giveaways, wedding or corporate favors.

All personalized rubber bracelet custom, custom bracelets, lapel pins, custom patches and imprinted lanyards are manufactured by the company in-house. Therefore, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Unlike other competitors, 24HoursWristbands has certain worthy features that are really wonderful.

Some of them are explained here:

Promised delivery time: The best thing about 24HoursWristbands is its on-time delivery. This company is guaranteed to meet its promised date of delivery which is not available anywhere else. There is no question of failure but still if company fails to meet its promise then it will compensate for it under its own terms and conditions.

Personalized products: 24HoursWristbands offers amazing types of silicon wristbands and rubber bracelets custom. These promotional manufactured goods can be easily personalized in order to fit myriad of requirements. 24HoursWristbands carry variety of products that will drag you attention in first glance. Besides this, you can also customize wristband through your own creative idea with the artwork option available on the site.

Artwork: it is a highly supportive site which offers different fonts, colors, clip art and large exclusive assortment of its own artwork. Customer can design their own wristband through available options on the site or through their own innovative ideas. They can also upload their artwork.  This feature helps customers to get a band that has their own creative idea. 

Introduce unique products: 24HourWristbands is well-known for its unique products. It has introduced lots of unique products like custom figures wristbands, 2-layer-color-coat wristbands, etc. Earlier, these products were only manufactured by the company for its special customers. Wit the presence of companies like 24HourWristbands they are available for all. 

Privacy Policy: It is imperative that your shopping cart avail best of the security while purchasing online. 24HourWristbands provides privacy policy to its customers through secure network, multiple SSL and Rack Space. The customer’s required information related to privacy policy can be seen on the site. Questions regarding Privacy Policy or security practices can be accessed through e-mailing the NetBrand’s Administrator of security.

Customer Services: 24HoursWristbands employs unique ticket system for the issues related to its customer services. It is difficult to respond queries through telephone lines effectively. Therefore, just for the welfare of its customer queries, 24HoursWristbands offers this system online. Customers can choose category which best suits to their query in order to send it to the company on ticket.

Hence, 24HoursWristbands provides all the basic as well as exclusive features together which simply make its product eye-catching. You will certainly get unbelievable quality products that you may not get anywhere else in the market.

Include style in your personality with accessories like wristbands and rubber bracelet custom .

Find Graphic Design Consultancy at Website Design Manchester for Stunning Websites


Principal Image is based at a vantage point where it can provide graphic design consultancy in the whole of the United Kingdom.  This website design Manchester has been giving clients the best in quality web design and marketing.  The firm has assisted in the search engine optimisation, branding, and packaging, the most recent in website design and technology to name a few of clients who have trusted Principal Image all these years.


Its objective is to help online businesses reach out to new and old customers online.  It helps in making businesses grow through enhanced recognition of its existence and leave an impact of being an authority in their fields.  This is done through a website design that creates appeal, can be navigated easily by users and maximizing optimisation to land on top of the list of major search engines. 


The website design Manchester right in the heart of Cheshire countryside stresses that it is easy to make money online nowadays.  With the latest in ecommerce software and graphic design consultancy reaching out to target groups is made simpler than ever before.  Principal Image can help you with your website design making your online store efficient with inexpensive solutions that will suit your needs.


The online graphic design consultancy combining elements of the latest in technology will be able to give your site a unique look that will fit your business appropriately.  Principal Image has all the tools necessary to create a design wielded by expert website builders.  Feel the power of Principal Image in its spontaneous and innovative thought and design.  The websites can easily be accessed and used by visitors which can become buyers later.  This will further increased traffic to your website.  Bringing in bonafide prospective customers to your website is the ultimate goal.  How it is being done is the creativity of which Principal Image has always been known for. 


The expert consultants of the graphic design consultancy right in website design Manchester make certain that all your marketing strategies are functioning effectively, stimulating well-qualified leads and convinced buying customers to your business site.  When you leave the fireworks to Principal Image you can now shift your concentration to running your business. 


Clients have been overly praiseful of how Principal Image built well structured business sites online.  It makes possible the updating whenever necessary.  Aside from being user friendly, their sites are easily accessible by using simple navigation tools to whatever information the users require.  Website design Manchester has made use of appealing graphics without distracting the users from its technical content in general.  Clients have written that their overall sales have dramatically increased when they engaged Principal Image to do their website designs.  


There is nothing more that Principal Image would like to see but the success of their clients.  The clients are foremost in their minds.  The help and assistance the firm has provided consistently through affordable designs have given the opportunity of an impeccable response from users.  Principal Image has been highly recommended by clients to other businesses online who needs help because the graphic design consultant delivers promptly, on the right budget and perfect even the first time.


Principal Image has continued to win over more clients who have heard of their reliability and dependability at all times.  Just around their surroundings and environment, Principal Image is able to create and produce designs of good value. 



For good website design Manchester

and reliable graphic design consultancy there is always Principal Image to help you.

How to Create DVD slideshow with Stunning DVD Menu Based on PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s power can be stretched out of a crutch just when you presenting. PowerPoint can be used to create slideshow for all kinds of celebration like the passed-by Easter.Wondershare PPT2DVD is a good choice to empower you to transfer your PowerPoint slideshow to DVD slideshow to be played on TV. And Wondershare PPT2DVD provides newly added DVD menu themes to make you look more professional to create DVD with stunning DVD menu.

How can we create DVD slideshow with PowerPoint to DVD converter?

->> Create slideshow in PowerPoint with its plenty of transition and animation, clipart ETC.

->> Download Wondershare PPT2DVD from the link below.

->> Install Wondershare PPT2DVD and import your completed PowerPoint slideshow. And choose both manual mode and auto mode if you like.

->> On the preferences window, you just need to choose the right TV standard. If you do not know which one to choose, you may select it by choosing country. Leave other settings by default when testing it.

->> Click Next and come to the DVD menu setting window.

->> Click Design button or one of the five menu thumbs to enter into the menu designing panel. You just need to choose the right theme from the template from the right gallery. It contains Business, Family, Celebration, Education catalogues. After that, the theme can be applied by click Apply to All button on top side. Then you would get DVD menu theme with matched frames, buttons and icons by default.

 ->> Besides DVD menu theme and templates, you may also customize your own DVD menu just by clicking the Customize… button. Here below is an illustration with changed Icon, Frame, Button, and modified position. You create different menu based on the menu theme or template.

->> Leave it to your PC to convert it and burn it to your testing RW DVD disc.

->> Done! Then you can play your DVD slideshow which is created by PPT2DVD converter.

Enjoy it!

What’s the difference between the DVD menu theme and old menu template of this DVD authoring tool?

->> In the previous version Wondershare PPT2DVD 5.2, the background of the DVD menu templates are the same.
   In the new version of Wondershare PPT2DVD 5.3, the backgrounds of the root menu, title menu and the play options menu are not the same but a couple of similar pictures.

->> The backgrounds, frames, icons and buttons are more vivid.

->> It is allowed to add title along with description of your project.

->> You can download additional free DVD menu templates from the link below to enrich your DVD menu resources:

Ping is an expert in E-learning who concentrated to give you the best solution of PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD, also include some tips and tricks which will make your life and work easier. Want to learn more about PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD, visit the website now:

Feel Cool and Stunning With 24hourwristbands Rubber Bracelets and Silicon Wristbands

When it is about the accessories which are currently ruling the market then the name of silicone wristbands is inevitable. People of all age groups are crazy about this kind of wristbands because they are easy to wear and require very less care and maintenance. 

You can find large number of wristbands as well as quality rubber bracelets in the market. However, the local silicone wristbands available in the market do not have such quality that you can get in the company’s products.

There are several companies in the market that are in the business of manufacturing wristbands or other popular accessories like rubber bracelets. However, it is really a daunting task to find a reliable company that has excellent product quality as well as best prices. Don’t worry! There is a great solution available for you. So, feel relaxed and visit the site 24hourwristbands. It is a premier name among all the manufacturing companies of wristbands.

24hourwristbands is a company site which does not require any explanation about its product quality and unique collection. It is a site which has its own dignity and presence in the market. Do you like to know more about this great name? If yes, then keep reading.

Here are the top features that make this company unbeatable in its field.

·        Largest supplier: 24hourwristbands is the largest supplier of factory-directed wristbands and rubber bracelets world wide. It addition, it is the largest manufacturer of silicone wristbands in China. The best part of dealing with 24hourwristbands is that you can place your order directly to the company without the involvement of broker.

·        Great stock: 24hourwristbands has largest stock inventory in order to fulfill the rush orders of local and distant customers anytime. It has a huge stock of rubber bracelets and silicone wristbands in variety of styles in order to ensure quick delivery within short deadlines.

·        East ordering procedure: Together with parent company NetBrands, 24hourwristbands has created a unique state of art ordering procedure. Whenever customer order through its online system, customer’s order is instantly dropped in the automated line of production. Cutting out any human interaction from production of the personalized products helps in reduction of mistake. Thus, company offers the same that has been ordered online without any question of faults.

·        Flexibility.  It has its own importance when it is about ordering any custom product. Right from custom clip art, logos, font colors as well as custom colors, 24hourwristbands is able to design anything as per the customer’s choice.

·        Rushing turnaround option: 24hourwristbands is a site which gives priority to customer’s comfort. That’s why it offers 24 Hr or 48 Hr or 72Hr production times. Customers who have quickly approaching dates of upcoming events can order for their custom wristbands or rubber bracelets in hurry. 

·        Easy payment mode: 24hourwristbands offers very easy payment modes to its customers. It accepts payment through Credit card, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal and Goggle checkout. In addition, it also allows payment through Money Orders and checks. So, it is very convenient for any customer to order products from 24hourwristbands.

24hourwristbands is one great company that delivers all the things in nutshell to which customers are looking for. It is the company that respects the choice and requirements of its customer. 24hourwristbands never compromise with the quality even if the deadline of delivery is short.

Include cool looks in your personality through stylish silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets .

Make your Online Jewelry Business Stand Out With Stunning Graphics and Branding

With literally hundreds of thousands of online jewelry merchants, your success depends on gaining every competitive edge you can. Beautiful photographs and rock bottom pricing help, but success will often depend on the details that make your customers visit memorable compared to the competition.

Recognition is a key aspect, and your jewelry website should be designed with consistent branding throughout. You want customers to recognize your brand which you’ve established on every page and through every step of the shopping experience. Not only should your website be consistent, but you should carry your branding across your invoicing; packing slips and all correspondence. It’s a huge factor in keeping them coming back.

One of the first areas to start in establishing your brand is in your logo and graphics design. Whether you hire a professional, or complete the chore on your own, your site graphics are going to play a major role in grabbing attention.

Such design work may not be your forte, but with easily obtained graphics software, stunning results are not impossible. Considerable thought should be given to your project in advance. It helps to have a clear idea of the type of look you’re hoping to accomplish.

Don’t underestimate the smaller details. Choosing the correct color scheme is just as important as layout, navigation and other specifics. Color combinations can convey different messages dependent on your target market, and should compliment each other to create the perfect mood reflective of your site.

Equal care should be given to select appropriate fonts. Different styles convey different messages. A font that appeals to a punk rocker just isn’t going to have the right effect when you’re selling elegant jewelry. Whether your inventory consists of sterling silver charms or exquisite gemstones, your choice of font should be one of classy style. Don’t limit yourself to the standard font set on your computer either. Finding resources for the right font isn’t difficult. Sites such as Laughingravy21 usually have thousands of free fonts for you to choose from.

With patience and a little practice, it is not difficult to create stunning graphics for your jewelry website. Give it a try! Eye appeal and branding will help build your customer base. The best of luck to you in your online pursuits!

Leo Walters is an e-commerce merchant specializing in historical photographs and posters, as well as vintage Hollywood memorabilia found here.