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Learning at Art School Online

Learning art online properly is totally possible, with a condition that you do your homework properly. You can find numerous prestige schools by looking for its imformation and review on the Internet.

There are many benefits with studying online. You can study at the your chosen school or college without having to stay there, you can still live at your home. You can study whenever it fits you, a good thing if you have to work or have children to attend to. You can get basically as much teaching and information from studying online, if you choose the right school.

An online art school should contain just about the same as a “live” education, depending on how long and intense it is. you should be able to learn different techniques, take idea and concept based courses, at least one course in art theory and history. Personal tutoring from teachers is important as well. You have to be able to get response and feedback on your progress, otherwise it’s hard to develop your skills and ideas.

Some educations offer a degree and some just diplomas. It depends on the level on it, and how much time and money you are able to put in. if you are aiming on a degree in fine arts on a professional level, you have to take a college course and that will cost more for you in time and money investment. If you want to take some courses to learn new techniques or just for a hobby, you can take shorter single theme courses. It all depends on your needs.

The one thing to keep in mind is to fulfill your dreams. A fine or graphic art education can be something many people would advice against, but I’m of the opposite opinion. You have to try out your dreams how else would you know what your purpose in life is?

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Do u know how to find a radio school?

Question by nin6: Do u know how to find a radio school?
Do u know how to find a radio school in Houston… but not a college, just a special school for communications

thank u

Best answer:

Answer by brdcstr
A couple of things to look for when searching out a radio school, Lila, since radio is a lot about WHO you know, as well as what you know.

1) does the school place you in a learning environment where not only you’ll be trained by someone in the business, but you’ll also be able to network with other industry pros?

Obviously this is important for the immediate benefits of increasing your chances for being hired, but also it lays the groundwork for future job prospects.

2) Does the school offer a legitimate job placement service that you can see? Many radio schools talk about offering this type of service, but few actually put their money where their mouth is.

3) Is the student to teacher ratio low enough to insure you’ll be getting your moneys worth? Obviously, a 1-1 ratio is best, but ask around and find the best fit for your learning style.

4) Are the training times convenient with your schedule?

5) Is it affordable and do they offer financing?

I’m not super familiar with Houston, but I could highly recommend this company since I worked with them when I was in sports radio in Washington, D.C. a few years back.

They’ll actually place you in a radio station in Houston, in order to be mentored by one of the on-air talent at the station.

Also, here’s a link to a free report the guy I used to work with wrote.

Hope this helps

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FM Washington

How to Study Biochemistry in Medical School

Link to the books in this video on Amazon: Rapid Review Biochemistry:…
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Washington Middle School Spring Concert 2013 Hawaii Five-O

Washington Middle School Spring Concert 2013 Hawaii Five-O.

FM Washington

Q&A: Which Art Institute in CA is the best school?

Question by Morgan R: Which Art Institute in CA is the best school?
Specifically I’m looking to be a Game Art/Design major. Which of the several in CA is the best for Video Game Art/Design?

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Answer by ownpool
The opportunities for employment in this very specialized field are so small that you would do well to find another career goal.

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MARTINI: We pause to toast the “old school”

MARTINI: We pause to toast the “old school”
When he died in 2011 at 89, Mario's named his favorite martini the “Francis Carney.” For years, Carney hosted a Tuesday jazz program on KUCR. So did Dr. J — Donald C. Johns — who died last week at 87. A music theorist and composer, Johns taught at …
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Muller Martini to showcase its "Investment Protection" pledge at this year's
No matter what manufacturing process lies ahead for a printer or bindery—offset, digital or hybrid—Muller Martini is developing highly flexible, configurable component systems that prepare a business for the opportunities ahead, while protecting …
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Martini lounge to open downtown
Todd Smith thinks there are too few dining and entertainment options for the over-30 crowd in Fort Wayne. That's why he has decided to open the Main Street Bistro and Martini Lounge in the long-vacant restaurant space on the first floor of the 1st …
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How do I get Windows Movie Maker in my school computer?

Question by johnny: How do I get Windows Movie Maker in my school computer?
I’m supposed to do a final for my computer class. I need to make a short movie. I already made it, but I my computer doesn’t have Windows Movie Maker. I’ve tried downloading movie maker but the computer doesn’t allow it. I don’t know what to do. This is worth 40 percent of my grade. Please Help.

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Answer by mick f
talk to ur instructor

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What are some good short film categories for a school club?

Question by John: What are some good short film categories for a school club?
I recently started a film club at my high school and we are doing these small short film competitions. We started our first competition where there were four teams that had to make a fake news show because i figured make the first one easy. I need some help coming up with other categories. I was thinking a game show, do your own version of SNL celebrity jeopardy, parody a tv show, parody a movie scene, and film your own SNL style skit. Are these good ideas and can you help me thinking of some others?

Best answer:

Answer by noselessman
Your ideahs sound fun, see if any of these might work

silent movies,
stop motion
tv sales commercial, “if you buy the waffle maker in ten minute, you get a laser hair remover free”
a tutorial video, like a cooking show or excersize vid,could be funny or seriouse,
PSA= public servise announcment
reality tv show
soap opera

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