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Red Film Review Online

Red has perhaps the best collection of actors ever to star in an action adventure movie. The film is great entertainment and the acting is superb.

Bruce Willis stars as Frank Moses, a retiree trying to live a normal life in a quiet suburban neighborhood. This is a big change from his days as a highly trained black-ops CIA agent. Frank spends his days tending to his house and yard. He also spends time on the phone with a federal pension employee named Sarah (played by Mary-Louise Parker). He calls her on a regular basis to report missing government pension checks which really arent missing .. but Frank and Sarah simply enjoy talking to each other. They eventually agree that Frank will travel to where Sarah lives in Kansas City and go on a blind date.

The next night Frank is attacked in his home as he goes downstairs for a drink. A team of assassins wearing body armor and carrying machine guns have busted into his house to kill him. At the end of a fantastic extended fight scene all the assassins lay dead and Frank doesnt know who they were or what is going on. All he knows for sure is that they were professionals.

He then discovers that his phones were bugged, and figures that whoever is after him will probably go after Sarah for information next. He immediately goes to Kansas City, but instead of going on that blind date he kidnaps her in order to protect her.

Through a too-convenient event, Frank learns that a secret group inside the agency wants him and his ex-covert cohorts dead. Unbeknownst to Frank, he and his old team have information that could blow open a coverup of war crimes that occurred in Guatemala.

Frank reassembles his former covert team in an attempt to destroy this unseen enemy. They too have all retired, and like Frank are referred to within the CIA as REDs, which is an acronym for Retired: Extremely Dangerous. The actors playing these characters are truly A-list.

First on the list is Joe Matheson (played by Morgan Freeman), an intelligence expert now terminally ill with stage 4 liver cancer. Frank finds Joe living in a nursing home in New Orleans. Depressed that he is now old, Joe is happy to get back into the fray for one last assignment.

Next to be contacted is Marvin Boggs (played by the great John Malkovich), a skilled ex-agent who long ago was an unknowing recipient of LSD experiments conducted by the CIA. As a result Boggs now a neurotic, paranoid survivalist who lives in a camouflaged underground bunker. Malkovich is just fantastic in this role. He and Willis have great onscreen chemistry, and his nervous ticks and facial expressions are perfect.

The last two ex-agents to be contacted are Ivan (played by Brian Cox), a retired ex-KGB agent during the cold-war and Victoria (played by the forever beautiful Helen Mirren), a formidable assassin during her days as an MI6 agent.

With the group reassembled, Frank goes hunting for the shadowy figures trying to kill them.

From this point you just sit back and enjoy the ride as these actors (also including Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfuss) take over. The action is non-stop and the dialog is smart, sharp and funny. Exactly what you would expect from the most decorated cast ever to appear in a single action-adventure film.

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Animal Max Protein Official Review

Animal Max Protein Official Review

Does Universal Nutrition Animal Max Protein really live up to the hype? And is it even all that great? If you don’t already know you will find out as you continue reading along.

The Scope On Universal Nutrition Animal Max Protein:
What’s said to be the final or missing piece to the “animal” puzzle is Universal Nutrition Animal Max Protein. This product is claimed to be especially designed for hardcore boldybuilders and it not just because protein is the cream of the crop for muscle building success, but because it’s said to prevent muscle catabolism (where the muscles breaks down instead of building up) and creates a more anabolic effect.

And this is a big one because creating a more anabolic body functionality is vital especially if you looking to get into bodybuilding because getting more results with less effort is always a good. Plus, Universal Nutrition Animal Max Protein is fueled with 30g of the finest proteins available: ultrafiltered whey isolates, hydrolysates and concentrates, isolated casein peptides, and instantized egg albumin proteins.

This product also seemed to get some pretty decent reviews as well, but as a heads up you might want take note that just because Animal Max may seem like the ideal product it doesn’t mean that you will get super ripped and big just from taking this alone. You would want to go through the necessary steps or an outline guide to get great muscular results with or even without this product.

(You can check out an outlined guide as such, within the website below)

Here’s one review on Universal Nutrition Animal Max Protein from Supplementcritic :

Paul of Texas, USA
Tried for the 1st time. Protein has a very mild flavor, not over powering. Serving size says 3 scoops which sounds like a lot, but the scoop is small and 1 can will last longer than it sounds. I really enjoy this product and will continue to use it.

So, if you feel that Animal May maybe the right product for you, then give it a swing and see how it goes.


To receive a plan or outlined guide for the needed steps to take to acquire the maximum results from your muscle building efforts with or even without Animal Max Protein, be sure to go here-How To Get Ripped Fast.

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Camera Bag Review: Lowepro Urban Reporter 250

There are also accents of leather here and there, including on the snap closures on the cover flap, and on the grab handle. The snap closures, while good for security purposes, took some getting used to. When youre in a hurry, the one or two seconds spent unsnapping them so you can get to your gear can feel like a lot. Theyre preferable to the attention-drawing sound of ripping Velcro but I would have preferred a quicker option. When slung over your shoulder, the Urban Reporter has very nice, anti-slip padding on the strap so the bag stays in place as you plow through the teeming masses on the way to your assignment. In the Urban Reporter 250, I could fit a pro digital SLR with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens attached and a bunch of other essential photo gear including extra lenses (even a 70-200mm f/2.8), batteries, portable hard drives, flashes and lens cloths. Meanwhile, theres a separate padded slot where you can slide in up to a 13-inch laptop. Theres also a sleeve on the back you can use for flat storage, or unzip at the bottom to slide the bag over the handles of a rolling luggage bag at the airport. One gripe: The Urban Reporter 250 doesnt have any dedicated slots for memory cards, so be careful with those. Along with being a handy photo bag, the Urban Reporter converts to a regular day bag via a neat trick: the fully padded and adjustable camera insert is completely removable. So if you want to take a day off from being a photographer (and who doesnt sometimes?), just yank the gray insert out, put in a couple of beach towels and a novel, and head to the shore.
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Lomography Lomo’instant Review & Rating |

Lomography Lomo

So why shoot instant film? There’s certainly a factor of nostalgia involved for those of a certain ageI used the Lomo’Instant at a birthday party attended by 30-somethings and their young progeny, and I was asked more than a few times if I could still buy instant film. Photographers with an artistic streak are often drawn to alternative processes, and the Instax certainly qualifiesthe multiple exposure modes certainly appeal to art photographers looking to experiment with image capture. And, let’s face it, watching an image develop in front of your eyes is a lot of fun. The Lomo’Instant measures 3.75 by 5.5 by 2.2 inches (HWD) and weighs 13.4 ounces when loaded with batteries and a film pack. We received the Black Edition for review, which doesn’t include a lot of extra accessories. The Instant can also be had in a white leatherette finish for the same price, or in the Sanremo Edition for $ 139. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, you can pay a $ 30 premium over the standard price of any of the three editions and receive a package that also includes Fisheye, Portrait, and Closeup lens attachments. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to check out these other lenses when I was shooting with the Instant. The power switch is located at the bottom of the lens board, with settings for off, A, C Flash, and C. You’ll want to use A indoors with the flash, as it’s really required to get a proper exposure. C Flash is recommended for use for long exposures with a flash in conjunction with the Bulb shutter, and C disables the flash and gives you a bit more control over exposure. Also on the bottom is the switch to toggle between the standard 1/125-second shutter speed and Bulb exposure. The top of the lens board houses a dial to adjust the apertureit’s set at f/16 by default, but can be adjusted to f/8, f/11, f16, and f/22along with a shutter release and a thread for a shutter release cable. Using a cable along with a tripod is recommended for long Bulb exposures. The switch labeled MX allows you to capture multiple exposures on a single frame; you can fire the shutter as many times as you like when it’s in the MX position, and eject the frame by moving it down to an unlabeled position. Manual focus is required. The lens is a 27mm (full-frame equivalent) prime; the wide field of view and narrow aperture capture quite a large depth of field, so zone focus is possible. When the lens board is closest to the film plane, the camera captures everything from 1 meter to infinity in focus, and using the focus lever to extend it away from the body allows for close focus from 0.4 to 0.9 meter. There are no markings for feet or inches, so you’ll have to think metric when focusingjust remember that 1 meter is about 3.3 feet. The optical viewfinder is fixed and offset from the lens, but the Instant doesn’t focus close enough for parallax to be an issue when framing images. The Lomo’Instant is powered by four AAA batteries. I was supplied with two packs of film for this revieweach pack holds 10 shotsand had no issues using a charged set of Eneloop batteries to shoot both packs. There is one other cool feature of notethere’s a mirror on the front of the camera, next to the lens. And yes, it’s there for selfies. It will give you an idea of where your face is in relation to lens so you can grab a quick shot of yourself or yourself and a friend. If you’re considering an instant camera, you’ve actually got a few choices in today’s market. You can go the true retro route and buy an old Polaroid camera on eBay, but you’ll be limited to using film from the Impossible Project, which is expensive at around $ 3 per shot. But its square format and large size may make that cost worth it, especially if you don’t shoot at a high volume. Fuji itself makes a few cameras that use the Instax Mini format, including the Mini 90 ($ 149.99) and Mini 8 ($ 99.99).
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Virtual Reality Meets DIY With Samsung’s Project Beyond – Yahoo Finance

Samsung wants to make your dream, ahem, a reality. The South Korean electronics giant has unveiled Project Beyond, a pioneering (and pretty cool) 3-D, 360-degree camera designed to let people record their own virtual reality video. Related: Hate Flying? This Dreamy (or Dorky) Virtual Reality Helmet Could Help You Escape the Experience. For what it’s worth, Samsung claims it to be the first of its kind. Like, ever. Project Beyond, shown off at Samsungs developers conference just hours ago, transports users from their dull, real-life existences into the digital beyond, capturing and streaming three-dimensional videos in crisp high-resolution 3-D. It can stream events in real-time and stash the data for future viewing. Plus, it uses stereoscopic interleaved capture and 3D-aware stitching technology to see scenes, just as the human eye does. Related: Game Over? Oculus Fans Outraged By Facebook Purchase The disc-like all-black gizmo, dreamed up by Samsungs U.S.-based Think Tank team, promises to teleport you to the places and events you always wanted to see. With 16 cameras stashed inside and ultra-wide lenses built to jam out video at one gigapixel per second, it certainly has the gear to. But apparently not without pairing it with Samsungs Gear VR virtual reality headset. Unfortunately neither is available yet. While the Gear VR goes on sale next month , who knows when Project Beyond will hit store shelves. Samsung isnt even calling it a product yet. Instead, the company calls it one of our many exciting projects currently under development. For now, the futuristic, tripod-mounted VR dreamweaver is merely an operational version of the device, and just a taste of what the final system we are working with will be capable of.
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Olympus M.zuiko Digital 1.4x Teleconverter Mc-14 Review & Rating |

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 1.4x Teleconverter MC-14 : Sample Image

The lens is one of the best telezooms that we’ve tested, and aside from limiting its maximum aperture to f/4, the teleconverter doesn’t detract too much from image quality. At 40mm f/2.8 the M.Zuiko lens shows 2,357 lines per picture height on a center-weighted sharpness test, and that number drops to just 2,342 lines at 56mm f/4, the widest angle and aperture possible with the MC-14 attached. There is a steeper decline in sharpness at 105mm f/4 (2,291 lines), compared with the lens at the same zoom position without the MC-14 attached (2,411 lines at 70mm f/2.8), but there’s still plenty of detail in photos. At 150mm f/4 the lens and teleconverter combination shows 2,105 lines, versus 2,364 lines at 100mm f/2.8. All of these numbers are better than the 1,800 lines per picture height that we use to mark a photo as sharp, and that level of detail holds up to the edges of the frame. At no tested focal length did the lens drop below that mark. It’s certainly helpful that the MC-14 is attached to such a good lens, but due to its design you won’t be using it with anything besides lenses from Olympus’s PRO series. In that regard, the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 1.4x Teleconverter MC-14 is a little limited. But if you often shoots sports, nature, or other subject matter that requires extreme telephoto focal lengths, the MC-14 is a worthwhile accessory to add to your kit. It adds some versatility to an already great telezoom in the 40-150mm, and we look forward to seeing what it can do when paired with the upcoming 300mmwhen you factor in its effect and the Micro Four Thirds sensor size, it will turn that lens into the equivalent of a 840mm f/5.6 prime on a full-frame system.
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