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Watch Google’s humanoid robot nail the ‘crane’ pose from The Karate Kid

Watch Google's humanoid robot nail the 'crane' pose from The Karate Kid
This Atlas robot developed by Google subsidiary Boston Dynamics has already shown it can do impressive things like carry a fire hose, walk over rough terrain, and drive a car. But this might be the most impressive feat yet by the humanoid robot …
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Rosetta scientists are super pumped about landing a robot on a comet
There were hugs all around at the European Space Agency on Wednesday, as news broke of the Rosetta mission's success. Despite incredible odds, the ESA successfully landed a small robot on a comet, rushing at almost 40,000 miles per hour between …
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Watch a nearly nude Lady Gaga cry and pose in new short film: NSFW

Watch a nearly nude Lady Gaga cry and pose in new short film: NSFW
Lady Gaga isn't content to have the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 — she wants you to feel her every "Artpop" emotion. In a new video promoting her latest album, Gaga cries, strips down until she's only covered by strategically placed bits of moss …
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Watch the Heavy 'Gravity' Spinoff Short Film
If you haven't seen Gravity yet, be warned of mild spoilers: A short companion film, Aningaaq, has surfaced, showing the other side of Sandra Bullock's desperate and existential radio conversation with a disembodied foreign voice – along with a barking …
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Local short film wraps
The short film Last Night at the Ellington has just finished filming in downtown Charleston. Passersby may have seen the film crew in several spots, including the Faculty Lounge, Charleston Music Hall, and the American Theater, but director Geoffrey …
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Mobile computing wars pose tough choices for Internet publishers

Mobile computing wars pose tough choices for Internet publishers
As chief technology officer of Cheezburger Network, a popular publisher of humour websites, Porad has to make the tough calls on which mobile devices merit the development of special software, or apps, that will make the company's content shine.
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Chyron to display latest products at Broadcast India 2012
Chyron will demonstrate its new Lyric PRO 8.5 graphics creation software in a new low-cost package optimized for the Indian broadcast market. Boasting built-in CDAC-based Indian language support, native support for stereoscopic 3D, scriptless …
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IT Delivered Applications in Windows 8 with RemoteFX and RemoteApp
For high end applications, RemoteFX offers RemoteFX vGPU. This virtual GPU supports up to 8 client-side monitors with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440. This allows the IT department to keep their expensive graphics, video, and 3D CAD software inside …

Self-injury Youtube videos pose risk: study

Self-injury Youtube videos pose risk: study
Youtube videos showing young people purposely cutting or burning themselves may reinforce that kind of behaviour, a new study suggests.
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Study finds many graphic YouTube self-harm videos
LINDSEY TANNER AP Medical Writer CHICAGO YouTube videos on cutting and other self-injury methods are an alarming new trend, attract millions of hits and could serve as a how-to for troubled viewers, a study warns. Many videos show bloody live enactments or graphic photos of people cutting their arms or legs with razors or other sharp objects, the study found. Many also glamorize self-injury and …
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Kids watching self-harm clips increasing
YOUTUBE clips showing people cutting and burning themselves are an alarming new trend glamorising self-harm among youth.
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